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Bad Habits That Harm the Environment (and Advice for Stopping)

Many of us are guilty of having one or more bad habits. While we tend
to know how they negatively impact our lives and the lives of those around us,
most of us don’t realize how they harm the environment as well. This unwelcome
impact on the planet raises the stakes when it comes to reasons to put an end
to our bad habits.

Here are some bad habits that harm the environment and tips on how ...

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Will Coronavirus Derail D.C.’s Drive to Decriminalize Shrooms?

Concerns over the continuing global outbreak of coronavirus have led activists seeking to decriminalize magic mushrooms in Washington, D.C. to ask for permission to circulate their initiative petition online. Officials with the city’s Board of Elections decided last month that the proposal from the group Decriminalize Nature Washington, D.C. could be placed on the ballot in November if enough signatures are gathered.

Under the initiative, the ...

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Holistic Healing Center in Mexico Offers Sacred Plant Therapy with Astounding Recovery Rates for Addiction, Depression, PTSD

Many of us have a friend or even dealt personally with dependency. Western medicine defines addiction as a powerful desire for drugs, and not using leads to the most unpleasant effects (you may have noticed in the dark areas of your city). Sadly, addiction impacts one’s mental, physical, mental, and even social health, affecting life on many levels.

Are the numbers terrifying?

According to the SAMHSA (the Substance Abuse ...

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