2nd International Ibogaine Treatment Provider Conference, Barcelona 2010

Global Therapist Alliance

Dear Ibogaine Treatment Provider,
You are formally invited to attend the 2nd International Ibogaine Treatment Providers’ Conference in Barcelona, Spain scheduled for 3 days in October, 2010, the 13th, 14th to 16th. On the day of the 15th there will be an open public presentation at the Ministry of Health in Barcelona.

As you know our beloved mentor and the founder of the Ibogaine movement, Mr.Howard Lotsof passed ...

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Tracy Blevins: Ibogaine from other Iboga family plants

Tracy Blevins sets forth the family members of the Iboga plant of Africa with a view of other possible sources of Ibogaine if Iboga became extinct from irresponsible harvesting and climate change. Ibogaine is a wonder drug that cures heroin addiction in a single day, and apparently other addictions: cocaine, alcohol, tobacco. It is currently illegal in the US because of cynical drug war politics.

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