Malvia Kenlock Reviews

Provider states: “I have have taken a full flood dose which related to a psycho spiritual journey in Costa Rica and also have micro dosed before and after. I am located in South West London.” Maliva practises QHHT: “Quantum Healing Hypnosis THerapy is a technique pioneered, developed and refined by Dolores Cannon, in a career spanning forty-five years as a Regressive Hypnotherapist. The wealth of knowledge amassed by working on thousands of clients ...

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Dimitri Mugianis Reviews

Provider States: “Since 2011 he has been working at the New York Harm Reduction Educators (NYHRE) in Harlem. His innovative group We Are The Medicine is propelling the conversation about spirituality and drug use. Dimitri has simultaneously become an increasingly visable spokesperson on a range of progressive topics, and is sought out by universities and invited to join medical and spiritual panels. He also offers spiritual services and personal consultations that draw on ...

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Ceiba Ibogaine Reviews

Provider States: “Our philosophy is holistic, taking into account the biological, social, psychological, and spiritual aspects of healing. Our coaching is informed by the perspectives of harm reduction, neurodiversity, and spiritual emergence as they relate to substance use and other challenges that many of us face in our lives. These are perspectives earned through our own work with ibogaine, and through witnessing hundreds of treatments over a combined 16 years of experience in ...

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Crossroads Ibogaine Reviews

Provider States: “By enrolling in our Extended Stay Aftercare program—which comprises our 7-day ibogaine detox and 1-12 weeks of inpatient aftercare—patients have time in the proper environment to turn newly learned insights, approaches, and coping mechanisms into permanent, healthy patterns of behavior. Ibogaine providers from around the world are all in agreement that proper integration, and a greater level of care and education after treatment, are what make Ibogaine treatment effective for the ...

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