Higher Path Living Reviews

Provider states: “Higher Path Living is one of the nation’s top Ibogaine aftercare residences. HPL provides an empathetic, non-judgmental, and confidential environment where each guest can be fully heard and understood. We help meet the needs of individuals and their families by utilizing a mind, body, and spirit approach in our Ibogaine sober living residences – to provide the best opportunity for sustained long-term recovery after Ibogaine treatment.”

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Holistic House Las Vagas Reviews

Provider states: “An alternative to the traditional sober living transition model, Holistic House employs natural herbs, clean, organic, orthomolecular nutrition, vitamins, reiki, daily practice of yoga and meditation and other natural modalities to aid addicts with a healthy transition phase between detox and return to daily life at home. We incorporate varying daily health-promoting activities to help heal the recovering addict’s body from the toxic effects of an addicted lifestyle and form new ...

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Lisa Friedman Reviews

Provider states: “Some people come for therapy to be free of addiction and live a fulfilling life. Depending on their dedication to deep, honest, introspection this process can take several months to a year or so. For others once they have emerged from the cocoon of the past, they begin to question life itself and their True nature. At this point they have entered what I call the transpersonal realm. This phase of ...

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Brian Murphy Reviews

Provider states: “I am a holistic psychotherapist, I have taken plant medicine myself, and I’ve been providing ibogaine after-care for more than ten years now. What I see over and over is that ibogaine opens amazing doors for us and makes all kinds of life changes possible. But so often the environment people return to from treatment is not in tune with this kind of experience, and has no way to nourish it. ...

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Inscape Recovery Reviews

Provider States: “An ibogaine aftercare program located right outside Malinalco, 2.5 hours from Mexico City. Our program includes: Weekly appointments with one of our two doctors, both of whom are trained in eastern and western medical traditions; individualized phytotherapy (plant-derived formulas) for physical healing and neuroregeneration; medicine ceremonies with sacred plants, combined with psychotherapy for integration; and classes in yoga, meditation, tai chi, somatics, art, horseback riding and exploring addiction. We also offer ...

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