Never Get Busted Reviews

Provider states: “First, you may continue safely dosing with whatever drug you are addicted to. Upon arrival, our doctors will prescribe the proper medications to ensure you do not suffer withdrawals. We will not allow you to become “dope sick. We understand some clients have concerns about the legitimacy and integrity of Ibogaine treatment centers because there are many “rip-off” clinics out there. We assure you that Mia’s Ibogaine Clinic is not one ...

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Iboga Thai Reviews

Provider states: “We take people off opiates and other drugs withdrawal free and as comfortable as possible. Our doctor will provide morphine or methadone (your choice) while you settle in and after the ibogain experience we can provide many medications to make the whole experience as comfortable as possible. We have treatments throughout Thailand and Australia. We can come to you if need be (Australia). Visit our website for more information. We also ...

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Ibogaine Revelations Reviews

Provider states: “Our ultimate concern is the health and safety of our patients. A comfortable environment is provided alongside full medical monitoring, to insure the highest level of security for each individual undergoing ibogaine treatment, this includes preparation, detoxification, and integration. The idea of ibogaine therapy can seem frightening for people new to this medicine. We employ a proficient, experienced medical team, who provide a family-like atmosphere. Our staff is empathetic and compassionate ...

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Ibogaine Thailand Net Reviews

Provider states: “iBogaine Thailand is dedicated to spiritual individuals who are ready for the next level in their conscious evolution. We offer a holistic and nuturing aftercare treatment using TA (total alkaloid), HCL & iBoga rootbark-extract (boosters), for addiction detox without withdrawal, emotional trauma problems, spiritual exploration & personal development in the comfort of a beautiful tropical island paradise in Thailand.”

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