Results of the Long-Term Outcomes Study of Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico – Thomas Kingsley Brown

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Results of the Long-Term Outcomes Study of Ibogaine Treatment in Mexico

Thomas Kingsley Brown, PhD

This presentation is an overview of the MAPS-funded study of long-term outcomes for ibogaine-assisted treatment of opiate dependence for patients at two clinics in Baja California, Mexico. Beginning in September of 2010, the study enrolled thirty US residents seeking ibogaine treatment for opiate dependence at the clinics. The study used the Addiction Severity Index to assess each subject’s severity of drug addiction at enrollment into the study and then monthly after treatment for twelve months. The 12-month follow-up of the 30th participant was completed in September of 2012, and currently the MAPS team is analyzing the data and preparing a manuscript for publication. In the presentation at this conference, the study protocol will be discussed in detail, and preliminary results will be discussed.

Tom Kingsley Brown, PhD started his research on ibogaine treatment in November of 2009 when he conducted interviews with ibogaine patients at ibogaine clinics in northern Baja California, Mexico and collected data for the purpose of studying changes in Quality of Life for those patients. His academic background is primarily in chemistry (B.S., University of Pittsburgh and M.S., California Institute of Technology) and anthropology (Ph.D., UCSD). He has long had an interest in altered states of consciousness and in life-changing experiences such as religious conversion. He is currently on staff at the University of California, San Diego and resides in San Diego with his partner and their two sons.

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