• Radio Interviews & Podcasts

    Podcast from FuturePrimitive.org – Gaialogues with Joanna Harcourt-Smith: Dec. 5th, 2008. Interview with Rocky Caravelli with intro music by Moughenda Mikala, a tenth generation nganga of the Missoko Bwiti sect from southern Gabon. (40m)

    “The Malleable Mind” from Public Radio International, August 31, 2008. – Daniel Pinchbeck discusses iboga, psychadelics and their effects on himself and the internet, safety … According to Danial, “smoking ayuhuasca is one of the most extrodinary experiences you can have as a person and remain a person.”

    Madness Radio, June 20th, 2007 – Rocky Caravelli Treating Addiction with Psychedelic Ibogaine. (57m 12s)

    “This American Life” from National Public Radio, December 1, 2006. – A former heroin addict realizes that he wants to help other addicts kick their habits. The problem is, he wants to do this using a hallucinogenic drug called ibogaine that is completely illegal, and which requires medical expertise he doesn’t have. (17m 58s)

    Radio Interview from KNX 10.70 NEWSRADIO – Ibogaine: September 22, 2005. A Special Report by Michael Linder Part 1.

    Radio Interview from KNX 10.70 NEWSRADIO – Ibogaine: September 23, 2005. A Special Report by Michael Linder Part 2.

    Radio Interview from Wbur.org – The Ibogaine Underground Story: Friday, February 04, 2005. Guests: Dimitri Mugianis, speaking to us from Detroit where he is going to give other people a backstreet ibogaine treatment & Dr. Deborah Mash, a professor at the Miami University School of Medicine. (16m 13s)

  • Bwiti Music

    Music in the Iboga Initiation Ceremony in Gabon – Polyrhythms Supporting a Pharmacotherapy – Study by Uwe Maas and Süster Strubelt, Music Therapy Today.

    World Music Store – Music from an Equatorial Microcosm: Fang Bwiti Music from Gabon with Mbiri Selections CD.

    Selection of music from the Fang Bwiti:

    1. Track No01
    2. Track No02
    3. Track No03
    4. Track No04
    5. Track No05
    6. Track No06
    7. Track No07
    8. Track No08
    9. Track No09
    10. Track No10
    11. Track No11
    12. Track No12
    13. Track No13
    14. Track No14
    15. Track No15
    16. Track No16
    17. Track No17
    18. Track No18
    19. Track No19
    20. Track No20
    21. Track No21
    22. Track No22
    23. Track No23

  • Forums

    World Psychedelic Forum in Basel, Switzerland on Friday March 21st, 2008.

    Exploring Ibogaine’s Potential in the Treatment of Addiction, Powerpoint Presentation – Valerie Mojeiko’s (MAPS) Ibogaine research.

    Invitational Ibogaine Forum Warsaw 2007

    1. Ibogaine: User activism and Harm Reduction – Allan Clear, Harm Reduction Coalition, US

    2. Iboga in its Traditional Context and French Politics – Jacques de Schryver, Journalist, France & Jacques de Schryver’s Powerpoint Presentation.

    3. Israeli Clinical Study of Ibogaine – Moshe Zerzion, MD – Beer Yakov Medical Center, Israel & Moshe Zersion’s Powerpoint Presentation.

    4. Immune Modulation and Mechanisms of Actions of Ibogaine – Irvin Dana Beal – Cures-Not-Wars, US & Irvin Dana Beal’s Powerpoint Presentation.

    5. Antiviral Effects of Ibogaine and Hepatitis C – Howard S. Lotsof – Dora Weiner Foundation, US & Howard Lotsof’s Powerpoint Presentation.

    6. The Experience of an Ibogaine Treatment Provider – Boaz Wachtel – Green Leaf Party, Israel & Boaz Wachtel’s Powerpoint Presentation.

    7. Ibogaine Peer Advocacy Treatments – Dimitri Mugianis – New York City Drug Users’ Union, US

    8. Screening and Safety of Ibogaine Patients – Clare Wilkins – Dir., Ibogaine Association, Mexico & Clare Wilkin’s Powerpoint Presentation.

    9. Ibogaine in PolandMaciej Trojanowski – Maciej Trojanowski – TV Journalist, Poland.

    The 2007 International Drug Policy Reform Conference:
    IBOGAINE – An Effective Therapy for Chemical Dependence
    Allan Clear, Executive Director, Harm Reduction Coalition
    Howard Lotsof, President, Dora Weiner Foundation [PPT]
    Dana Beal, co-author, IBOGAINE STORY and Co-Founder, Cures not Wars
    Jeffrey Kamlet, MD, Florida Soc. of Addiction Medicine
    Patrick Kroupa, Neuroscience/RA, University of Miami, Dept. of Neurology
    Dimitri Mobengo Mugianis, Freedomroot/VOCAL NYC
    Clare Wilkins, Director, Ibogaine Assoc.

    Burning Man (MAPS) 2004
    Randy Hencken, Sandra Karpetas and Valerie Mojeiko talk about Ibogaine, August 30-Sept 5, 2004.

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