MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 9 The Shea Prueger Interview Expectations and Inclusion

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Shea Prueger – Expectations & Inclusion


Shea Prueger was introduced to ibogaine therapy by Eric Taub who she met while seeking treatment for suboxone addiction in 2010 while working as a full time fashion model. Following her own transformation, Shea began an apprenticeship under Lex Kogan at I Begin Again’s ibogaine facility in Guatemala and then Costa Rica, eventually taking over as director of the center.

Shea Prueger has trained with Dr. Franco Lopez, and Dr. Sofia Artavia in order to learn the necessary medical side of administering ibogaine. Prueger continued training alongside Erika Florianova (director of I Begin Again: Czech Republic and also a psychotherapist) and learned methods in alternative healing that she utilizes to help clients integrate their experience into their day to day life.

Following many attempts at running large centers with the initial goal to provide ibogaine to as many people as possible, Prueger took a brief break to reformulate her approach to ibogaine treatments. She has restructured her modality and is focusing on individually tailored sessions and one on one attention from each staff member. This is done through longer stays, a focus on integration, and a slower introduction to the medicine using low wave doses in the initial prep days.

Prueger is most notable for opening the first medically supervised ibogaine center in Asia, Ibogaine Thailand. Prueger has EMT training, has AED, CPR, and first aid certification, and chooses her mentors wisely to facilitate further growth and understanding of ibogaine. Currently, Prueger is also offering low wave dosing as an option for clients alongside a longer stay.

Prueger is also one of the co-founders of The Root Ibogaine Collective. This is a new and evolving project with the intention of supporting ibogaine clients and providers, while also providing radical inclusion and safe and ethical guidelines for the ibogaine community.