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Jim Gordon: In your opinion, putting you on the spot here, but I’m hearing such wonderful news. Is Ibogaine the potential solution that you see?

Ian Campbell: Indigenous people have utilized plant medicines for millennia. And we continue to do so. In my own personal life, I’ve used many plants grown up in the community, listening to my elders, my grandparents. And when I heard about Ibogaine, a plant medicine, a psychedelic, I thought this is something that Western medicine hasn’t really paid much attention to in the past. So, it’s time.

Jim Gordon: Last question for you. How big a priority is this from the Indigenous peoples’ perspective here in Canada?

Ian Campbell: I think it’s very important for Indigenous peoples to enter this sector. For a large part, we’ve been shut out of many sectors, where in this instance, we’re going to attract investment. We’re going to attract partnerships, the best and brightest when it comes to the medical professionals to oversee and administer this type of detox protocol. But Indigenous peoples, it’s not far removed from us. We’re going to also have clients that are Indigenous, but we want to attract everybody because addictions see no colour.

Jim Gordon: That’s right. Yeah. It sounds fascinating. Wishing you the best of luck going forward in the end. Thank you for joining us today.

Ian Campbell: Thanks, Jim. My pleasure.

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