“Behind the Buzz” Show: Universal Ibogaine Inc. Chairman & Director Shayne Nyquvest

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FinancialBuzz.com’s latest Behind the Buzz Show: Featuring Universal Ibogaine Inc. Chairman & Director Shayne Nyquvest

We are dedicated group of Canadian citizens who have formed a private company, Universal Ibogaine, Inc. to bring ibogaine to Canada to combat the scourge of opioid and polysubstance abuse. We are working with Clear Sky Recovery, the worlds’ most expert and experienced ibogaine treatment team. Together we are investing our energy, experience, resources and time in the hope of making ibogaine addiction treatment a reality for all of Canada. We recognized from the outset that we could not make the promise of ibogaine a reality without the help and assistance of the government of Canada and Health Canada. We have been reaching out to officials at every level — Federal Province by Province, right down to municipal levels. 

Shayne Nyquvest

Chairman & Director

Shayne Nyquvest has over 30 years in investment banking, finance, M&A and leadership experience having served as the President of Jordan Capital, Vice President of Mackie Research Capital and Investment Advisor at Canaccord Wealth Management.

Until now, there has been no resource to combat opioid addiction that has as high a success rate as Ibogaine. It is the mission of Shayne Nyquvest and his team to continue to undertake research and provide safe and effective treatment solutions that help people affected by opioid addiction and bring relief to the millions affected by this crisis.

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For more information, please visit: Universal Ibogaine Inc.

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