Dr Ben Malcolm – Ibogaine for Opiate Addiction Research Update

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Download   In this 94th episode of Psychedelics Today, host Joe Moore interviews Dr. Benjamin Malcolm, professor of pharmacy at the Western University School of Pharmacy. The discussion revolves around ibogaine, alkaloids, and addiction therapy solutions.  
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Dr. Benjamin Malcolm discusses psychedelic alkaloids that have potential to treat addictions.

When conducting human subjects research, it’s a good idea to at least    run it past an IRB.

There are risks involved in taking in ibogaine that can be used to treat addiction. For people age 18-24, opiates are a major cause of death. Holistic House teaches addicts heath habits for treatment. Ibogaine is still an unregulated area. 2CB haven’t had that many research studies. Surveys tend to have a bit of bias, often given to supportive subjects to begin with. Mescaline, San Pedro, and peyote appears to lack research. There is going to be a need to potentially or switch between traditional therapeutic   modalities and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapies.