Microdose presents over 30 speakers for the Ibogaine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass

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(YorkPedia Editorial):- Toronto, Ontario Feb 15, 2021 (Issuewire.com) – Microdose Psychedelic InsightsUniversal Ibogaine along with The Conscious Fund, and ACS Pharmacology & Translational Science present The Ibogaine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass, a two-day virtual conference.

The online conference is taking place this week, Friday 19th and 20th February 2021.  Starting at 8:45 am EST. 

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The Conference will focus on discussions by the world’s leading names and industry experts in the research of the therapeutic use of Ibogaine. Major topics and speakers include:

08:55 am – Opening Notes

09:00 am – Keynote: The Evolution of Ibogaine Treatment – Patrick Kroupa

10:00 am – Keynote: Ibogaine Treatment in the time of Covid-19 – Jeremy Weate

11:00 am – Panel: Clinical research: latest findings from ongoing studies – Alberto Solà, Sergey Khudoley, Rafael dos Santos

12:10 pm – Panel: The path to medicalization in Canada and elsewhere – Zappy Zapolin, Ian Campbell, Dan Schneider, Bruno Rasmussen, Colleen Clandening

01:20 pm – Keynote: Ibogaine: Beyond Anecdotes and Unsanctioned Use Towards Medication Development – Deborah Mash

02:30 pm – Keynote: Rick Doblin

03:40 pm – Keynote: Ricard Faura, Andrea Langlois

04:10 pm – How to influence politicians on new treatments, laws, and policies to reduce the Opioid and Addiction Pandemic – Dan The Pharmacist Schneider

04:50 pm – Panel: Ibogaine: a missing tool to combat the opioid crisis?- Hirpal Hundial, Shea Prueger, Theo Fleury, Geoff Noller

06:00 pm – Panel: Ibogaine medicalization: the role of capital markets – Shayne Nyquvest, Henri Sant-Cassia, Lindsay Hoover, Anne  Philippi

07:10 pm – Keynote: Opiate use disorder Ibogaine detox in 137 patient series preliminary results- Alberto Solà

Saturday 20th February 

08:25 am – Opening Notes

08:30 am – PsyTech Panel 

09:00 am – Panel: Ibogaine therapy in an indigenous context: from the Bwiti experience to First Nations North America Uwe Maas, Frank Albo, Ian Campbell

10:00 am – Keynote: Iboga(ine) and Nagoya Protocol – Sustainable and Fair Trade – Yann Guignon & Paul Armand Mombey Indaki

11:10 am – Keynote: The Ibogaine State of Consciousness – Martie Underwood

12:20 pm – Keynote: Ibogaine and classic hallucinogens in substance disorders: therapeutic effects and mechanisms of action – Rafael dos Santos

01:30 pm – Keynote: Microdosing of Iboga and Ibogaine – a prototype tool for consciousness-hacking and its neuropharmacological implications – Tobias Erny

02:40 pm – Panel: Ibogaine pre and aftercare: reframing the addiction recovery paradigm – Juliana Mulligan, Sue Nielsen, Anders Beatty, Svea Nielsen, Laura Shapiro, Dr. Megan McElheran, CEO and Clinical Psychologist, Wayfound Mental Health Group  

03:50 pm – Keynote: Neuropharmacology Renaissance in a New World – COVID19 Neurodegeneration and Emerging Applications of Ibogaine – Nikita Alexandrov

05:00 pm – Keynote: A Holotropic Perspective ~ Exploring the networks, fissures & reciprocity within the global ibogaine community – Clare Wilkins

06:10 pm – Panel: Ibogaine in the world: provider experiences – Garyth Moxey, Asha Caravelli, Shea Prueger, Allison Wiseman, Kimberly Adams

07:20 pm – Keynote: The emerging consensus on how ibogaine works – Dana Beal

Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in panel discussions about the medicalization, support advocacy in different contexts as well as discuss the use of ibogaine as a therapy for addiction, neurodegenerative disorders, as well as a catalyst for spiritual development. 

When asked what can attendees expect to learn at the Ibogaine Conference? Prof. Rafael Guimarães dos Santos, Ph.D., Department of Neuroscience and Behavior, Ribeirão Preto Medical School, University of São Paulo said: ”The most updated information regarding the mechanisms of action of ibogaine and other hallucinogens and their most relevant clinical potentials derived from clinical trials.”

On the importance of the events such as Ibogaine Masterclass, Dr. Bruno Rasmussen Chaves remarked: ”I think that events like this are important for the industry because people must be informed and educated about ibogaine, there are a lot of misconceptions involved and it is our obligation to clarify them all.”

“Attendees can expect to hear about Bwete as the science and tradition of Iboga, as well as offering alternatives to the misappropriation of this resource and its ancestral knowledge.” – Paul Armand MOMBEY-INDAKI, Bwete Master 

Dan The Pharmacist Schneider added: ” With the Overdose deaths due to the Opioid and Addiction Pandemic at record levels, we need to see more and better treatments. I believe that Ibogaine will be one of the newer treatments that will increase success rates leading to recovery and saving lives.”

To learn more about the conference, subscribe to event updates and speakers lists visit https://microdose.buzz/shop/molecular-masterclass/ibogaine-conference/. Click here to register for a complimentary press pass and early access to the networking lounge. 100% discount is applied at the checkout. 


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