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Provider states: “I am a holistic psychotherapist, I have taken plant medicine myself, and I’ve been providing ibogaine after-care for more than ten years now. What I see over and over is that ibogaine opens amazing doors for us and makes all kinds of life changes possible. But so often the environment people return to from treatment is not in tune with this kind of experience, and has no way to nourish it. In holistic therapy I work with you to reconnect with your ibogaine experience so the vision can become a resource for your whole life. We discuss the meaning of the ‘grace period’ after treatment, I do guided meditations and stress reduction exercises, we plan out your next steps for the future, and we support those steps with spiritual and emotional healing. I have also been involved in the humane and respectful treatment of drug users since 1996, when I did street-side therapy outside of a syringe exchange van in East Harlem — and I continue working there to this day.”