Sinchiruna Reviews

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Provider states: Sinchi Runa – Consciousness Technology Center focuses on the investigation of entheogens such as Iboga or Ayahuasca and their therapeutic model as a way to comprehend the underlying code behind suffering, paradigms and self-limitations. We have a wide range of experience in healing problems with substance abuse, energetic disorders and others related to physical and mental health. Our treatments programs vary from 1 to 3 months and they are framed in a Detox process, Bio Energetic Purges, chakra alignment and Shamanic Diets with master plants. The treatment main objective is to help participants to reconnect with their true essence by bringing back their capacity of wisdom and connection with the universe. We only work with the plants themselves as we consider being the safest and more sacred approach towards the spirit of the plant. Our treatments are tailored to each ones characteristics and possibilities, for which we only treat 2 participants as residents at any given time.