Ibogaine – An Exciting Solution to the Opioid Crisis. Patrick Kroupa – September 27, 2018

Ibogaine treatment much more successful than traditional drug rehab.

Patrick Kroupa is President of Universal Ibogaine Inc.
Guest’s website: https://clearskyibogaine.com/ |

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22 Year Crack and Heroin Addict Talks Ibogaine Treatment – Crossroads Treatment Center Review

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Jeff came to Crossroads Ibogaine treatment center after battling with various addictions, including crack and heroin, for over 22 years. With this kind of history Jeff was skeptical if the Ibogaine would work for him. But, he took the dose of Ibogaine and took a chance that it would heal him.

24 hours after the Ibogaine treatment Jeff was waiting for the withdrawals to start up. Normally it took ...

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Ibogaína no tratamento da dependência química/Ibogaine in the treatment of drug dependence

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(video available with english, spanish and portuguese subtitles. Please see English description at the bottom)

Nesta reunião do Departamento de Psiquiatria da Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP) em 23/05/2014, o Dr. Eduardo Schenberg apresentou resultados de pesquisa sobre o uso do alcalóide ibogaína no tratamento da dependência química. Detalhes sobre o estudo podem ser conferidos na publicação científica original em inglês (Schenberg et al. Treating drug dependence with ...

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