A DEA Visit, A Psychedelic Plant, And A Controversy Bloom At Miami University

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Organizations are pushing back against Miami University in Ohio after a plant put two tenured faculty members’ jobs at risk.

In December, Miami University Provost Phyllis Callahan suspended tenured Professors John Cinnamon and Daniel Gladish. Months later, they were informed their positions could be terminated, causing an uproar from the academic community.

Cinnamon and Gladish’s employment was called into question after the Miami University Police Department and Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) found an Iboga ...

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MU AAUP chapter protests severity of professors’ punishment

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Cinnamon and Gladish suspended for hallucinogenic-producing plant

Two tenured Miami University Hamilton professors, John Cinnamon and Daniel Gladish, face termination for growing a tree that has the ability to produce a hallucinogenic substance in the Miami University Hamilton Conservatory. But, the Miami chapter of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) is protesting the severity of the professors’ punishment.

According to letters sent to Cinnamon and Gladish from ...

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