Richie Ogulnick – Ibogaine and Addiction

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Richie Ogulnick is one of the big proponents of Ibogaine, a psychedelic drug famous for battling addiction. He talks about his discovery of the iboga plant, his trip to Cameroon to find out more about it, and his years of teaching people about what he’s learned.

Richie also founded the International Children’s Awareness Network.

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Music from Brett Van Donsel // Birdsong from Lang Elliott

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Rocky Caravelli: Treating Addiction with Psychedelic Ibogaine | Madness Radio

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Rocky Caravelli talks about his recovery from 25 years of methamphetamine and heroin addition and a bipolar diagnosis through treatment with Ibogaine, a visionary plant medicine from indigenous people in West Africa, and his work helping many others heal.

Rocky is director of Ibogaine treatment center Awaken In The Dream house in San Francisco de Nayarit, Mexico.

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Trevor Millar on Ibogaine Addiction Therapy

Trevor treats heroin addicts with the legal psychedelic drug ibogaine (iboga). We speak about how iboga works, as well as the potential some of the other illegal psychedelic drugs have to be used in similar ways.


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To reach Trevor and find out more about his work, visit:



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