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Amazing Grace (A Journey with Eboga) by Lee Albert Describes the author’s early life and his subsequent attempts to heal it. On his journey he encounters various beliefs and various therapies. In the end he resorts to eboga/ibogaine and undergoes a mind-shattering initiation guided by Bwiti angels. A third of the book is devoted to his understanding of eboga healing and spirituality in what he calls “The Eboga Process” based on 6 years personal experience.

“Then I felt as though my mind were splitting in two. …. A part of me tried to hold it together, but I felt pulled in two directions at once. My mental calculations were rising rapidly in an attempt to rationalize and control what was happening to me … Some force was coming at me from both sides at once …. I could not hold on and felt my thoughts give way, melt.”.

Paperback: 416 pages; Dimensions (in inches): 6 x 9
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A Review by David Botsford on

Amazing Grace, by Lee Albert, skilfully combines a factual account of ibogaine, a mind-altering natural substance found in Africa, with insights into spirituality and personal development, reflections on a changing Irish culture and heart-felt autobiography.

The author describes, movingly and powerfully, the experience of growing up in a small town in the Irish Republic at a time when its people and institutions were dominated by the Roman Catholic Church. After two years’ training for the priesthood, the author turned from his own religious faith and embarked on a geographical and spiritual odyssey that culminated in an inner transformation through eboga, the ceremony in which the user consumes the powerful Afrcan sacramental plant eboga, which is mainly used in the western world (as ibogaine) for helping people overcome heroin addiction. It has been banned for personal use in several countries, including the United States, although, as Albert demonstrates, it is in no way a recreational Substance and has quite astounding healing properties.

In this first-ever popular book about ibogaine, Albert combines Solid factual information about the eboga experience with personal Reminiscences about how it enabled him to experience an inner transformation, healing psychic wounds and enabling an appreciation of the spiritual world and a newly integrated connection with reality which he compares to the quest for the Holy Grail in the Arthurian legends.

Amazing Grace is a unique and substantial book in the Tradition of Carlos Castaneda, and is sure to fascinate and enlighten readers interested in personal development, the nature of spirituality, the therapeutic and transformative use of mind-altering substances, and Irish culture and identity. I highly recommend it to all such readers.

David Botsford, Clinical Hypnotherapist.