Disclaimer / Warning

All information here is based on personal notes by a non-medic and are in no way intended to be a replacement for proper medical advice or research. Anyone who uses this information implicity states they accept all responsibility in applying it and have no cause for recourse to the author. There is also an increased risk of death if the Lotsof treatment protocol is not followed (see Treatment). Please check the legal status of ibogaine in the country of treatment.


This website does not in any way support the self administration of ibogaine nor does it consider itself medically qualified to pass judgement on the suitability of any one person for ibogaine treatment. A proper medical evaluation is required in line with the safety manual as a minimum.

Ibogaine is inherently dangerous for various reasons which include (among other things) loss of muscle coordination (ataxia), which makes standing and walking without assistance extremely difficult; nausea and vomiting, which can lead to choking on ones own vomit; opioid (e.g. heroin) overdose, as ibogaine potentiates opioids by resetting the bodies tolerance, and also the possibility of heart attack due to poor cardiovascular and pulmonary health (see Fatalities) as ibogaine is an intense physical experience. There is also the very serious psychological nature of the experience to consider which is best not endured in isolation.

Yet the danger is also part of the cure as ibogaine resets the bodies tolerance for opioids such as heroin. If one were to take the amount of heroin that a long term heoin dependent person takes then an overdose would most likely occur.

For these reasons the Lotsof Safety Protocol should be followed and a sitter should be present, preferably be someone who has undergone the experience themselves.


Inevitably, given the dire situation that many suffering from substance dependence face, self organised treatment is sometimes the option of last resort but << should not be carried out alone >>. However given that many internet suppliers are supplying various forms of ibogaine varying in quality as well as various recipes for the extraction of iboga alkaloids, one of the obvious advantages of using ibogaine itself is that it can be safely and easily calibrated, as dosage is very important.

Dosages used should be considered carefully as higher doses of inferior product are required whereas lower doses of higher quality would seem advisable. Step dosing is a procedure often employed by treatment providers (see: Ibogaine Therapy: Forms & Dose Regimens by Howard Lotsof, USA).


There are 3 ways in which ibogaine is currently administered for a full session:

1. Orally in capsule form.

2. Orally as a powder.

3. Anally.

1. Orally in capsule form

The preference appears to be to take ibogaine in capsule form with a minimum amount of water. The reason for this being to minimise the need to use the toilet due to immobilisation as well as to eliminate the initial disgusting taste of taking ibogaine.

In this state after some time it is easy to imagine a client, who has not taken ibogaine before, feeling sickened by its presence once it begins to dissolve while also feeling sickened by the release of psychologically disturbing material; both leading to a compulsion to throw up. Unfortunately as the ibogaine will not have been completely dissolved, it will also be thrown up as it is lying in the stomach in lump form due to the lumping together of the ibogaine in the capsules.

Another problem that arises is where after some time the sudden dissolving of an as yet not properly dissolved capsule can release a quantity of ibogaine causing a sudden sickening reaction thereby precipitating the client to throw up the remaining undissolved ibogaine.

Drinking a significant amount of water at the time of ingestion may be beneficial. Care should be taken with rehydration (especially if one is prone to dehydration) as ibogaine is very dehydrating. The dilemma faced in a full dose session is the difficulty of using the toilet due to immobilisation. Yet dehydration can be a serious problem.

It is quite common to take an anti-nausea medication before taking ibogaine.

2. Orally as a powder

While this is the most “disgusting” way to take ibogaine (some say it tastes like battery acid) it is perhaps the best. The reason being that on drinking an ibogaine/water mix the effect is to line the passages down into the stomach thereby distributing the ibogaine quickly over a larger surface for a quicker uptake. If the client can refrain from throwing up early on there is a high probability that none of the ibogaine will be lost. The session also takes off fully charged which may or may not be considered an advantage depending on your point of view. Again an anti nausea medication taken beforehand can help.

Ways in which this can be made a little more tolerable are:

1. Mix the ibogaine with warm sweetened water (honey).

2. Chew on sweet gum immediately to help overcome the taste in the mouth or eat some honey.

3. Keep sweetened water by the bed to help relieve the intensity of the taste in the mouth if necessary.

3. Ibogaine taken anally

This for a major session would be a suitable method of administration for the following reasons:

1. No risk of throwing up ibogaine.

2. Practically no taste of ibogaine in the system.

Drawbacks include the possible need to discharge body waste and perhaps also the need for a different dose. Also this can come with some physical discomfort in the anal area such as a stinging or a pounding effect. However compared to the ghastly experience of taking ibogaine orally as a powder, this can seem quite mild in comparison.

A client would need to taken an enema or whatever some time before the session to ensure the passageways are clear as one of the effects of ibogaine can be to cause a strong bowel movement brought on by waves of energy pushing down through this area.

Best Use of Syringe in Anal Administration

A major problem with using a syringe is that ibogaine gets clogged in the pipe outlet. This is due to the diameter of the hole (pipe outlet) being smaller than the diameter of the tube.

This problem can be overcome by obtaining a steel nail closer to the diameter of the tube, warming it over the flame of a stove and then inserting it into the hole, melting the plastic and thus expanding the size of the hole.