Psychospiritual Sessions

The vast majority of treatment providers sprang into being to offer sessions for chemical dependency. Due to the powerful supernatural nature of the eboga experience, it has drawn attention from those seeking treatment for psychological disease as well as those seeking deeper meaning and understanding in life. Thus many providers now offer sessions for non-chemical dependency.

It should be born in mind that the use of iboga in high doses therapeutically has not been widespread and most of the reports of its efficacy are anecdotal. Given the short term euphoria associated with eboga use these reports are to be treated with caution.

Ibogaine has been used in low doses by Claudio Naranjo (see The Healing Journey – Chapt. 5 Fantasy & Reality by Claudio N Naranjo) as a means to amplify psychic disturbance and in some cases seek resolution of underlying issues. However this is a far cry from the successful treatment of serious underlying mental disturbance.

For these reasons those seeking a psychospiritual session ought to be realistic in their expectations.

It is not uncommon for someone to return to major events in their past life gaining insight into their patterns of behaviour and to orientate themselves for the future. This is sometimes described as a rebirth and will vary from individual to individual. The more personal preparation brought to the session the better the outcome. A session does not necessarily heal serious trauma unless one is willing to continue the work over a number of years following treatment.

No one provider can command the spirits to deliver a specific healing as specific healing is tied into the needs of the individual and in that moment the spirit world may determine that such a healing is inappropriate. As well, the spirit world is not made up of little angels who do the bidding of humans. It is a highly intelligent organisation that looks to the overal well being of mankind.

The most a provider can do is give insight into how best to approach a session, provide physical support & reassurance on the journey and offer post session help in integrating the experience.