The information in this website is provided in the context of ibogaine/iboga related products, as utilised in the West for the treatment of chemical dependence & psychospiritual purposes and eboga as use by the Bwiti for initiation and healing. It comes with a psychological and medical health warning. This information is provided as a service and does not encourage anyone to take ibogaine or iboga.

Lee Albert is not involved in any way with the provision of services or the sourcing of iboga related products and does not offer an opinion, medical or otherwise, in relation to any individual case. All correspondence with Lee Albert in relation ot the use of iboga or iboga related products emphasises the need for an individual to seek proper medical opinion and does not offer any treatment protocol whatsoever.

PLEASE NOTE: Most of the Providers listed are not licensed to practise medicine, have not been vetted and may have little or no medical knowledge. Individuals who take ibogaine or iboga do so at their own risk and should seek proper psychological and medical support. While ibogaine has been shown to be effective in the treatment of certain physical dependencies, the short term healing of serious psychological illness is “highly” unlikely. With the increased popularity of ibogaine/iboga the liklihood of unsubstantiated claims increases due to the extraordinary supernatural nature of the experience and the financial rewards involved. There is also an increased risk of death if the Lotsof treatment protocol is not followed (see Treatment Notes, Item 1). Please check the legal status of ibogaine in the country of treatment.