Suffering from Chemical Dependence?

If you are seeking eboga / ibogaine to deal with the immediate crisis of chemical dependence and seek the opinions of others in the same position who have successfully broken their dependency using ibogaine or the Indra extract, and coped with the physiological adjustments thereafter, then I suggest that you join the ibogaine list.

Details here:

There now also exist the following forums:
1. An english ibogaine forum hosted by the Swedish language (with english language option) web site at: English Forum.

2. An english language ibogaine forum called the Eboka

Ibogaine Blog

Iboga & Related News ( – An easy to access information system with ongoing snippets of ibogaine and related news.

Ibogaine Web Sites (Non-Treatment Specific)

N.B.: Individual treatment providers have their own web pages which can be found on the Providers page. The web sites given here are those that go beyond the primary purpose of advertising treatment.

The Ibogaine Dossier ( – A methodical compilation of all available resources on ibogaine hosted by Howard Lotsof discover of the anti-addictive effects of ibogaine. The science section contains a wealth of information on ibogaine and its in vivo and in vitro actions. The scientific literature section contains original articles of acclaimed ibogaine researchers, plus many references (most with abstract); while the treatment section contains anecdotal reports of experimental ibogaine treatment in humans.

The Dora Weiner Foundation – DWF took an interest in ibogaine during the early 1980s. The Foundation has recently returned to an active state to provide education in the area of chemical dependence research and therapy. DWF strongly supports patient and patient advocacy rights. – Lists details of drug-treatment resources for the UK hosted by Nick Sandberg.

Sacrament of Transition – An official religion of Slovenia with ibogaine as a sacrament.

Mindvox Ibogaine pages – Alternative and anarchic. Contains a unique set of articles on remaining chemically free. – An ibogaine activist web page run by Dana Beal (a co-author of The Ibogaine Story). – Swedish language ibogaine web site with Swedish language forum. – Swedish ibogaine web site in English with English forum.

Lycaeum Ibogaine Page – Details on various aspects of ibogaine.

Erowid Ibogaine Page – Extensive information on ibogaine in an easy to read ibogaine index page.

Science Direct – Use this link to search for scientific information only. Search term “ibogaine” or subject of your choice.

MAPS Drug News – Use this link to search for recent articles in the press. – The Iboga Foundation is a Dutch non-profit initiative. Iboga Foundation increases public awareness and to promote the recognition of iboga, the mysterious and very beneficial African plant, as an empowering tool to sustainable improvement of the quality of life.