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    *** Quality of Provider ***

    Reports are now coming in of providers not following proper intake procedures. While you may be accepted for treatment, it does not mean you are suitable for treatment, nor that the treatment is safe. While there are many excellent providers listed here, none are recommended or vetted by myeboga.com. It is also highly likely that deaths have occurred and have gone unreported – see Fatalities. If considering treatment, it is imperative to connect with a reputable, ethical, treatment center that has a competent medical program. Names are provided for interest only.

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    *** Client Quotes ***

    1. “I’ve been with several different ibogaine providers, and I have noticed that all of them take a spiritual approach to their practices. One provider in particular was so absorbed in his own spiritual belief system that he would often answer important medical questions by talking about spirits.”
    2. “It’s funny, I just remembered that shortly after my stay at one of the ibogaine clinics, a patient had a complete freakout during her treatment because she became convinced that the people attending to her were part of a cult.”
    3. “For sure we all have our different approaches.. this is why everyone should talk to a few providers. Pick the one that they feel comfortable with. I see the first phone contact sorta as an interview. Not only for the one seeking but also the provider. I know I have referred more then one seeker to another provider simply because I didn’t think we were a good match. So…, just keep interviewing till you meet the one that fits your needs.”
    4. “Not the first bogus provider and it won’t be the last. I had a horrible experience in Mexico.”
    5. “Do not do business with ‘him’ or with his clinic cause he will rip you off.”
    6. “Just in last 12 mo I know of 7 deaths. I know for fact that many who have deaths hide it. So…pls guys. Why risk it? My rule of thumb. Nothing but opiates/benzo should be in ones system. We just don’t know enough about this wonderful plant to mix pharmicutals with it.” April 22nd 2013

    *** Supply/Purchase of Iboga ***

    myeboga.com does not involve itself, nor has it any commercial interest, in the supply or distribution of iboga or iboga related products, nor in the services of anybody on this web site which is completely voluntary. Iboga is a very powerful plant medicine and unless handled properly with deep respect, can be highly problematic.

  • North America

    North America Treatment Providers:


    1. Removed.

    2. www.ibogatherapyhouse.net – Iboga Therapy House – Canadian non-profit org dedicated to supporting the therapeutic uses of ibogaine. A holistic ibogaine-assisted detoxification program to help facilitate recovery from dependence to chemical substances as well as a safe and supportive environment for personal psychospiritual therapy. Based on harm-reduction, resiliency-building and transpersonal psychology perspectives.Registered Non-Profit Society – Currently Closed.

    3. www.drugrehabcenter.com – Holistic Addiction Treatment Center (USA), Inc. “Our approach to addiction treatment and alcohol treatment is three fold, encompassing the clients physiological, emotional and spiritual needs. We are a client centered facility based on respect and compassion.” Contact email: help@drugrehabcenter.com.

    4. Email: e-mail: itcdt@hotpop.com – Ibogaine and iboga root extract treatment on Vancouver Island by KC for addiction and emotional trauma. Medically supervised in-home treatment. KC is an alcohol/substance abuse counselor and holistic healer with over 15 years of experience. Cost:$2000 USD. Limited partial scholarships available. Donations accepted for the construction of “IBO ETC” – Iboga earthship treatment center, fall 2006.

    5. Bomani – Washington D.C. Metro Area. Provider States: “Experienced treatment provider who uses a total alkaloid iboga rootbark extract. The difference between the extract of the rootbark and the rootbark itself is plant matter. Whereas it takes 30 grams of the rootbark to break an addiction, it takes no more than 5 grams of the extract. ” Information email: Bomani63@msn.com.

    6. Eden – Tucson, AZ. As a former heroin addict, plagued by PTSD, trauma, and all kinds of anxiety disorders, I specialize in the acute care and confrontation of major psychological illness with the power of iboga. While I myself was detoxed with ibogaine for heroin addiction and handle detoxes cases with incredible skill, as a psychology major, I strive to help sufferers of trauma and mental illness delve into the crevices of the mind, healing their broken connections and regenerating new ones via ibogaine and the beautiful energy of life within all nature. I also handle repeat treatment cases very well. Did you think ibogaine can just never work for you? Don’t give up hope! An EKG is mandatory, and while I prefer to include a heavily spiritual aspect to my treatments, I can also curb this on request. Vital signs are monitored throughout. Information email: ibogahealing@gmail.com. Read here: Eden’s outlook with iboga.

    7. Dena, East Coast, email: sistereboga@yahoo.com – Provider states: “Im a RN with over 30 yrs experince in the ICU/ER. Ive been working with ibogaine since 2011 after my own Ibogaine experience in 2009. Being an RN I can’t help but take a medical approach to this wonderful treatment yet not ignoring the spiritual aspects the plant can provide. For assistance pls email me and we can explore what Ibogaine may have to offer you.”

    8. www.torontoibogainecentre.ca – Provider states: “Toronto Ibogaine Centre was founded to help addicts find their true self by facilitating an ibogaine therapy in a safe and comfortable setting. We present our clients with realistic facts about ibogaine’s effects so they can objectively evaluate its role in addiction and psycho-spiritual therapy.” Email contact: mattzielinski@hotmail.com.

    9. Email contact: emailmrjeff@yahoo.com – Provider states: “Medically-supervised treatments by provider (EMT) with ten years of ibogaine experience. Acupuncture, massage, steam, sauna, cold plunge, targeted nutritional regimen, and additional therapies. Significantly better and faster results than ibogaine alone.”

    10. Email contact: warriorhealer@yahoo.com – California/ west coast/ Canada Provider states: “I have 10 years experience. I adhere to strict intake procedures, medically supervised, top quality HCL, skilled, respectful, caring. Cost $1500 U.S.”

    11. www.LibertyRoot.net – in Vancouver B.C. Canada, Provider states: “LibertyRoot provides the space and support needed for Ibogaine-assisted detoxification and psycho-spiritual therapy in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our clients experience a peaceful pacific northwest environment and personalized care that is tailored to their specific needs. All treatments have a Registered Nurse present.” For more information please visit www.libertyroot.net or call 1-855-MY-IBOGA (1-855-694-2642).

    12.WWW.ICS4CHANGE.COM – in St. John’s, Newfoundland & Labrador and Calgary, Alberta, Provider states: ” Inukshuk Counselling Service (ICS), 100% Canadian Aboriginal owned. Combining the Wisdom of Ages with Modern Science. Email contact: Info@ics4change.com.

    13. www.EnvisionRecovery.com – in Canada & Costa Rica, Provider states: “Envision Recovery offers medically supervised ibogaine therapy for opiate addiction recovery, post traumatic stress disorder as well as psycho-spiritual introspective therapy sessions for self growth and discovery. Envision Recovery now serves the North American region as our centers are located both in Canada and Costa Rica.” For information regarding ibogaine treatment cost, please visit or call + 1 215-853-2287.

    14. [Added 25 Apr.’16] Innerrealms-alternativesinhealing.com – Vancouver, Canada. Provider States: “Inner Realms – Alternatives in Healing is an Ibogaine provider for alcohol and drug addiction help, detox and recovery as well as for spiritual development for alternative health healing. For your comfort and safety, a registered nurse is present during treatment.” Contact Garyth or Blair at Email: IbogaBC@gmail.com or Tel.+1-778-988-2997.

  • Central America

    Central America Treatment Providers:

    1. www.healingvisions.com – Deborah Mash’s ‘Healing Transitions Institute’ for Treatment with ibogaine at the Healing Transitions clinic in St Kitts, West Indies. (US$9k approx.) GOVERNMENT LICENSED.

    2. www.awakeninginthedream.com – Awakening in the Dream House (San Pancho, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico). Provider states: “Awakening in the Dream House integration. Founded by Rocky Caravelli in 2006 conducting treatments for over 5 years focusing on integrative ibogaine therapy addressing all issues in alignment with traditional use of iboga for emotional, mental and physical healing for spiritual completion. Specializing in chemical dependency. “Our intent is to dissolve the illusion of separation that is at the core of the addiction process. We have created a setting where the Spirit of Iboga can lead us toward authentic change. Based in a community of providers and with after care facility for follow up support in post treatment integration. We are a licensed rehabilitation center registered in mexico as: Botanica,Disintoxication Y Tratamientos Naturales SC.” Email: Rocky@awakeninginthedream.com. Contact: Rocky Caravelli (+1) (415)-747-4248 U.S. (011-52)-1-322-135-1198 Mex cell.

    3. www.ibogaine-therapy.net – Medically supervised treatment with the Ibogaine Association near San Diego in Playas de Tijuana, Mexico. Email contact: treatment@ibogaine-therapy.net. Tel: + (52) 664 609 4338. Cell: (213) 505 5992.

    4. www.ibogainetreatmentcenter.com/ – The provider states: “This medical center follows a strict medical approach to Ibogaine therapy. Our doctors and nurses follow established and proven protocols found to be the most beneficial to the patient with an addiction history. Our center is located in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a UNESCO world heritage city.” For further information, please contact us at email: ibogainetreatmentandrecovery09@gmail.com.

    5.www.pangeabiomedics.com – Mexico. The provider states: “The insights and innate body wisdom awakened by Iboga are augmented and reinforced with a broad array of therapeutic techniques. We utilize bodywork, breathwork, meditation, nutritonal healing, IV amino acid therapy, as well as more incisive, penetrating tools, encouraging all to awaken their inner healer and access innate potential for growth.” For further information, please contact the clinic: Intl. +801-405-6823, Mexico: 045-322-181-9756, Skype: ibogaine1414.

    6. www.ibogaine-treatment.com – Ensenada, Mexico. Provider states: “The Intra Institute Ibogaine Program is located in a safe and protected neighborhood overlooking the Pacific Ocean just south of the San Diego border, and our beautiful and comfortable facility is staffed and equipped to handle any medical emergency. We have a board certified physician who specializes in psychiatry and emergency room staff on site during ibogaine administration. Patient monitoring during the ibogaine experience is provided around-the-clock by a trained and compassionate staff.”

    7. www.mariposamedispa.com – The Mariposa Medispa Nayarit, Mexico. Provider states: “We offer 7-14 day Treatment Programs with qualified Md.’s, Psychologists, Nutritionists & Life Counselors, with 15 years experience in the Detox & Wellness Therapy Field.”

    8. www.ibogamind.com – Christopher Laurance, Iboga Garden Root Home, San Pancho, Mexico. Provider states: “Have 9 years expierience, as well as being a former addict. Other than ibogaine the cornerstone here is a family of former addicts, and the strong community support that this creates. We are located in a quiet and relaxed town , near jungle and only 3 blocks from the ocean. Our work and screening is fully supported by a doctor expierienced with ibogaine. The program is 2 weeks, including the ibogaine process, aftercare/reintegration, and follow up booster work if desired. Cost is 4000 dollars. Sliding scale work is availiable.” Tel: +1-415-251-9737. Information email: ibogadreams@yahoo.com.

    9. www.IbogaQuest.com – Mexico, Tepoztlan. Provider states: “IbogaQuest is a contemplative Ibogaine retreat. Never more than 2 people. Providing space or engagement while encouraging a rich, inclusive Ibogaine experience. Attentive and experienced. Our overhead is reasonable as are our rates.” Tel: USA + 1 (802) 748-4600, MEX +1 739 395-2669. Email contact: info@ibogaquest.com.

    10. www.okacenter.com – Alajuela Costa Rica. Provider states: “Oka Center, in the stunning and inspirational landscape of the Mayan Yucatán. Safe, strong dosing with pure ibogaine. Bovenga and Okukwe provide American Bwiti ceremonies since 2009.” Contact: Tel + (707) -787-3025.

    11. www.detoxcentercancun.com – Cancun Mexico. Run by Dr Alberto Sola. Provider states: “Our program is a seven days inpatient residential medically supervised ibogaine drug and alcohol detox program in Cancun Mexico. The program goal: To administrer ibogaine to interrupt the use of opiates, cocaine, amphetamines and alcohol with significant reduce of withdrawal symptoms and cravings, in a safe, comfortable clinical enviroment” Tel: USA: 917 231 2732. MEX: (011) 52 9982856733. Email contact: alberto.sola@gmail.com.

    12. www.ibogaineclinic.com – Cancun Mexico. Provider states: “The Ibogaine Clinic & Research Center in not an “underground facility.” We are professionaly licensed- our licensed doctors and nurses are physically present at the clinic attending individuals throughout the entire treatment. The program gives the individual an opportunity to naturally detoxify not only their body but their mind as well. ” Tel: USA + 1 888-741-3121. Email contact: David@ibogaineclinic.com.

    13. Removed.

    14. www.ibogapath.com/ – Costa Rica. Provider states: “Our Mission: To provide a healing and life-changing experience for those who seek it, cultivating the path to physical, psychological, and emotional well-being.” Contact: Eric Taub – +1 866 518 0116 U.S. Tel – +1 215 774 1573.

    15. The Holistic Sanctuary – Rosarito Beach, Baja California. Provider states: “At The Holistic Sanctuary, we offer exclusive Holistic Treatments that reverse the damaging effects of chemical dependency to help permanently end addiction. Unlike many drug treatment centers in the country, our healing modalities are designed to address, isolate and eliminate the root cause of addiction.” Tel: USA +1-323-612-9904. Email contact: Info@theholisticsanctuary.com.

    16. Email: emailmrjeff@yahoo.com Medically-supervised retreats in gorgeous PRIVATE oceanfront location just south of the border from San Diego, California. Staff includes RN, ER physicians and EMT with 10 years of ibogaine experience. Acupuncture, massage, steam, sauna, cold plunge, specific nutritional regimen and additional holistic therapies. Significantly better and faster than ibogaine alone. Complimentary pickup in Tj or SD. Tel: (619) 819 6845 or (352) 280 6292.

    17. Narina (Mexico) – Provider States: “Narina, Rapid Detox and Spiritual Awareness Ibogaine Treatments provided in Tepoztlan, Mexico or location as requested. Pre-screening tests a must, and can be done in Mexico or advice provided for tests in other requested locations. It is always best to ensure that you are a candidate for treatment, so it is always advisable to have these done in your local vicinity. Privacy and all safety protocols followed for all treatments and available to travel to select locations for treatments if required. Advanced Life Support and CPR Trained and vital signs monitored throughout the process. Trained Psychologist and Addiction Counsellor available during treatments and follow up guaranteed. Medical Doctor and Trauma response team on call 24/7 and post treatment and complete Body MassageTreatment included. Cost is reasonable and can be subsidised based on the individual persons needs.” Contact: Mexico +1 718 2331187 or email: narinawalls@gmail.com.

    18. www.safehavenibogaine.com – Provider states: “Safe Haven Ibogaine Treatment Spa and Resort is a drug treatment facility located in Rosarito Beach Mexico less than 40 miles south of San Diego California. At Safe Haven, our success is your freedom; we are totally focused on helping you free yourself from the chains that are needlessly keeping you from a wonderful life. Our treatment protocol with Ibogaine was created and structured from the beginning with an eye on the end result, an organization and facility dedicated to the safe and effective administration of the most exciting breakthrough in addiction and behavior modification to have occurred in our lifetimes, namely Ibogaine. Our Board Certified Doctors and staff have over 15 years combined experience and have administered over 1,800 ibogaine treatments. No other treatment facility offers the environment, facility, staff, amenities, or knowledge of Ibogaine like Safe Haven. Treatment cost is $5000+ (depending on treatment package).” Contact our Treatment Coordinator toll free at: + 1 (800) 245-7273. Email contact: SafeHavenIbogaine@gmail.com.

    19. www.rootpassages.com – Oaxaca, Mexico. Provider States: “Here at Root Passages our focus is to provide the most safe, effective, and humane detox using holistic ibogaine therapy. It as our primary concern to create a warm, comfortable, and safe environment, emphasizing the importance of nutrition, exercise, amino acid therapy, bodywork and counseling. We offer detox treatments for a wide range of addictions and our doctor and medical services are always available if necessary. Emphasizing the bond we all share we seek to dissipate the traditional relationship of “client” and “staff.” Phone: (747) 201 7176 Cell Phone: (011 52 1) 951 222 9057. Email contact: iipsmexico@riseup.net.

    20. Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center – Rosarito, Mexico. Provider States: “Crossroads is based in a secure, gated community in Baja California. Our comfortable and private facility is on a beautiful ocean-front property just 40 minutes from the San Diego International Airport. Our MD’s have over 15 years combined experience in working with ibogaine and we were the first ibogaine clinic established in Mexico. We have 24/7 medical supervision with Dr’s, nurses and an EMT present, along with all the equipment needed to handle any medical emergency. Our cardiac screening is performed by a Stanford trained cardiologist who is board certified in the US. We consistently receive the highest ratings amongst medically-supervised ibogaine programs because of the level of care plus our loving and compassionate staff.” Contact: Phone: + 1 (760) 652-9197 and email: iboga25@gmail.com for your free consultation.

    21. www.ibogainaguatemala.com – Ibogaine treatment in Guatemala City. Provider states: “We are located in Guatemala , Central America. Since 2008 we have been treating several addictions with a success rate of 80 % Heroine, others Opiates, Alcohol, Cocaine, Crack, Meth. now we are offering this treatment in real Hospital setting, being maybe one of the few Centers that do Ibogaine in this way, for your confort and safety.” Contact Dr. Francisco Lopez Martinez: Phone: (502) 4900-0993 / 4249-4687. Email contact: dr.advices@gmail.com. FB: ibogainaguatemala@gmail.com.

    22. Mark Winkle, So. Cal/Merida Mexico/San Pedro Belize – Retuning Your Reality, compassionate, affordable treatment, Winkle/provider, email for info at: writewinkle@yahoo.com.

    23. www.casitaiboga.info, Playa La Mision, Mexico – Provider states: “dedicated to the practice of healing and teaching with Iboga, Kambo and other natural medicines. Our rates allow many who might otherwise be limited, due to cost, to an underground treatment in a motel to instead benefit from a richer experience through personalized care provided in a comfortable, home-style environment. Our sessions follow the most current, proven best practices. Medical assistance is always available when needed. Our experience with the medicine combined with rigorous commitment to detail in the screening process as well as in the administration of the medicine has resulted in a record of safety unparalleled elsewhere. Support and assistance is provided 24 hours a day throughout the program. We are conveniently located midway between Rosarito and Ensenada, a short drive into Baja from the San Diego/Tijuana border.” Email for info at: casitaiboga@gmail.com. Call: US 562 283-9888.

    24. www.ibogaineuniversity.com, Rosarito, Mexico. Provider States: “Ibogaine University Medical Center is known for it’s attention to patient medical care and continued support and education following treatment. We are only a 30 min drive from the San Diego airport where we do pickups. Ibogaine is rapidly becoming better known in addiction treatment and we have worked tirelessly to be at the forefront of this movement. Our center is a beachfront clinic located in a private and gated community, providing privacy and security for all our patients. The clinic has all necessary medical equipment, staff, and licenses to legally provide rehabilitation services and medical care while specializing in Ibogaine treatment. Owned and operated by Americans, we want your experience to be safe, comfortable, and effective. We employ an ER Doctor and a Doctor of Internal Medicine who both have extensive experience with Ibogaine treatment and conventional medical care. Our continuing care post treatment utilizes psychologists, counselors, a non 12-step recovery program, and a multitude of activities. No passport needed!” Email for info at: cameron@ibogaineuniversity.com. Call: US 800-351-9777.

    25. www.clearskyrecovery.com, Cancun, Mexico. Provider States: “We are a medically-based, 7-day inpatient program located in beautiful Cancun, Mexico. Our ibogaine clinic is run by Dr. Alberto Sola, who received his training from Dr. Deborah Mash & Dr. Jeffrey Kamlet at the original Healing Visions research facility in St. Kitts, WI. Program-length may be affected by the use of long-acting opioid drugs such a methadone or subutex/suboxone; in the latter cases we need to provide multiple ibogaine boosters and you must set aside up to 10 days for a successful detox. We have access to a tremendous breadth of published and unpublished research related to safely and effectively administering ibogaine. You will be treated in a comfortable, safe environment, with 24 hour medical supervision.” Email for info at: info@clearskyrecovery.com. Call: USA: (866) 927-6080 / Mexico: (011) 52 9982856733.

    26. www.ibogawellness.com/, PLAYA PANAMA, Costa Rica. Provider States: “Iboga Wellness Center offers spiritual retreats and detoxification programs to provide people with a rich opportunity to heal themselves on three levels: body, mind, and spirit. We are about 1 mile from the Pacific Ocean with magnificent views of the Pacific from our facility. All of our Iboga providers have been trained in Costa Rica and Gabon by a Bwiti shaman and have been initiated into the Bwiti through ceremony. We do NOT use the pharmaceutical, Ibogaine. Ibogaine is extracted from the Iboga tree (Tabernanthe Iboga) but the extraction process causes it to lose many of the amazing properties of pure, natural Iboga. Our providers perform ceremonies that are similar to those done in Gabon, but oriented to people from North America and Europe.” Email for info at: info@ibogawellness.com. Call: USA: +1(855)-339-2859.

    27. www.livingcleanibogaine.com, 2 hrs from Mexico City, Ecological Retreat Center. Provider States: “Specializing in therapeutic aftercare, pre-treatment and long term support in recovery – We are a full-scale recovery center staffed with an accredited team of psychologists, naturopathic doctors and body therapists. We are located 2 hours away from Mexico int airport in an eco-retreat clinical facility. The center provides comfortable accommodations, hot solar showers, wireless internet, healthy and delicious meals prepared with organic produce, use of art studio and yoga/meditation facilities as well as many acres of organic orchards and gardens. You will experience the serenity of the surrounding nature reserve setting, high standards of cleanliness, comfort and a unique style.” Email for info at: hello@livingcleanibogaine.com. Call: USA: +1 (415) 800-4194.

    28. [added Aug 16 15] www.sinchiruna.com, Izabal, Guatemala. Provider states: Sinchi Runa – Consciousness Technology Center focuses on the investigation of entheogens such as Iboga or Ayahuasca and their therapeutic model as a way to comprehend the underlying code behind suffering, paradigms and self-limitations. We have a wide range of experience in healing problems with substance abuse, energetic disorders and others related to physical and mental health. Our treatments programs vary from 1 to 3 months and they are framed in a Detox process, Bio Energetic Purges, chakra alignment and Spiritual Diets with master plants. The treatment main objective is to help participants to reconnect with their true essence by bringing back their capacity of wisdom and connection with the universe. We only work with the plants themselves as we consider being the safest and more sacred approach towards the spirit of the plant. Our Treatments are tailored to each ones characteristics and possibilities, for which we only treat 2 participants as residents at any given time. Contact Us Email: info@sinchiruna.com / Call: + 00 (502) 5444 7932.

    29. [added Jan 17] www.avanteinstitute.com, The Avante Institute is located in Nassau, the beautiful New Providence Island of the Bahamas. Provider States: “The founders of The Avante Institute passionately understand the complex challenges and suffering of addiction and withdrawal. Our intensive plant-based medicinal treatments offer exceptional efficacy and are simply not found or available in western medicine today. We confidently proclaim our detoxification therapies as being among the very finest in the world. Our motto “Serious Sobriety”, is not a flashy catchphrase. To us, it is a genuine and heartfelt belief in how we guide our guests into a renewed life of fully sustainable recovery.” Email for info at: admin@avanteinstitute.com. CALL US @ (844) 4-AVANTE.

    30. [added Oct 17] https://experienceibogaine.com, Mexico. Provider States: “Experience Ibogaine is committed to making the cost of Ibogaine treatment lower. Ibogaine can have an amazing impact on the lives of those struggling with heroin and opiate addiction as well as other drug addictions. At Experience Ibogaine, we provide a private, beach-front setting for an affordable cost. However, we are not the only choice for Ibogaine treatment, and we want to add positive value to the community and we are very supportive of all other Ibogaine clinics and our unifying mission of helping addicts find happiness.” Email for info at: experienceiboga@gmail.com.

    31. [added Nov 17] https://www.ibogreen.com/, Las Playas Tijuana, Mexico. Provider States: “A treatment clinic using ibogaine to treat withdrawal from heroin and opiates.” Email for info at: grow@ibogreen.com. Call: (619) 822-2072.

    Aftercare is Important:“It is important that the drug dependent, after treatment, makes changes in his and her life and their environment. Some addicts find it useful to make a clean break. A strong aftercare plan is a major part of recovery. Traditional and non-traditional forms of group therapy are helpful, as is physical exercise, Yoga, Tai-chi, etc.) and good nutrition, as is returning to a clean environment.” – extract from Freedom Root.

    Warning: Freedomroot.com is not affiliated with Freedom Root.

  • South America

    South America Treatment Providers:

    1. Email: ibogaine@chiriqui.com – Ibogaine treatment with Dr Edgardo Della Sera of the Panama Ibogaine Project, Panama City. (US$15k approx.) Fax: (+507) 774 4812. GOVERNMENT LICENSED.

    2. Email: e-mail: ibogaine@bol.com.br – Ibogaine treatment with Dr Bruno Daniel Rasmussen in a Brazilian hospital. Cost – approx US$3,000. 4-5 day treatment. Treatments have been offered here since 1997. GOVERNMENT LICENSED.

    3. Holisticala Montana – Ibogaine treatment in the Guatemalan Highlands. Holistic approach. Contact Tel: (+502) 7830 1630.

    4. Venezuela, Caracas, Casa de Reposo la Ribera (Privado), Director (A): Dra. Rosalía Dávalos DIRECCIÓN: 9na. Transversal entre 4ta. Y 5ta. Calle ciega. Qta. La Ribera, Calle San Luis. TELÉFONO: 2835061, 2857719 y (0414) 3218252. REQUISITOS DE INGRESO: Cancelar costo de tratamiento, voluntario, el paciente debe venir con representante. MODALIDAD DE TRATAMIENTO: Internación – ambulatorio. SERVICIO DISPONIBLE: Salón de usos múltiples y mini farmacia. HORARIO DE ATENCIÓN: 24 horas al dí­a Emergencia y de 9 a.m. a 6 p.m. (pedir cita)

    5. Ibogaine Equador Provider states: “Our passion is to work exclusively with those advanced individuals that are ready for large scale emotional and spiritual growth – a Rite of Passage. We are here for people that are ready for serious permanent positive change. This is what we do. Please contact us through our sister site www.ibogaineasia.com and specify you are interested in sessions in Ecuador. We are located in Andes mountains in a small village called Vilcabamba.


    7. [Added Sept.’17] www.naturestreatmentcenter.com – Guatemala, Provider states: “We use a doctor with over 20 years experience with Iboga . we administer in a hospital with all emergency medical equipment available. cost for two weeks is 5,200.00. Includes housing for 14 days , all meals,counseling, acupuncture treatment, saunas, massages, organic meals, bowel clense, volcano horseback tours.” Tel. 1800 385 0307 Email: drugfreeatlast@gmail.com.

  • Europe + Mid. East

    Europe (except UK) & Mid. East Treatment Providers:

    1. Email: caoltom@gmail.com – Sara Glatt works with ibogaine but also works with the full iboga extract from her family home outside Amsterdam. Mobile: +31 645 277396. Tel: (+31) 34 624 1770. Skype: iboga.healing. Read here: Sara Glatt’s outlook & experience with iboga.

    2. www.ibogainetreatment.net – Brian Mariano’s ibogaine Provider site. Treatments provided around Europe. Concessionary cases considered. Contact Tobias (Sweden): email: tobias@ibogain.se.

    3. http://sacrament.kibla.si/ – Sacrament of Transition, Slovenia offers Initiation ceremonies using only the purest form of ibogaine (ibogaine HCl) at a dosage range of 20 mg/kilogram of bodyweight. Sacrament of Transition expects prospective new members to make a donation to cover expenses. Contact email: sacrament@sacrament.kibla.si. Tel: (+) 386 41 52 32 07.

    4. Email: boaz.wachtel@gmail.com – Boaz Wachtel (Israel) sessions in Holland or Cyprus – with doctors attending. The cost depends on the type of environment requested, the number of doctors attending and other relevant variables. Ibogaine HCL is used. Boaz Wachtel is co-author with Howard Lotsof on the Treatment manual: Manual for Ibogaine Therapy, Screening, Safety, Monitoring & Aftercare by Howard Lotsof & Boaz Wachtel, USA. Contact tel: (+) 972-544573679.

    5. Email: e-mail: Citadela.TK@Gmail.com – Tomas in Czeck Republic. Non-English session treatments in Czeck countryside. Tel: (+) 420 606 627631.

    6. www.omi.si/eng/index.html – OMI Institute in Slovenia, Roman Paskulin MD. Psychospiritual sessions offered using (5-10g) iboga root bark (3-4% ibogaine HCl). Contact email: roman.paskulin@siol.net.

    7. Email: shantiolgica@gmail.com – Olga in Serbia.

    8. Email: email: humski12@volja.net – Per informazioni dettagliate potete scrivere al sacerdote del Sacramento – Bojan Humski – residente a Isola. Preferibilmente in inglese, per¨° ci si arranger¨¤ anche con lettere italiane

    9. www.iboga-experience.com – Leer, Germany. German based web site. Works with Iboga extract. In addition, it is possible to work with Ibogaine HCL. The Iboga experience normally takes 5 days. For further information, Please contact Torsten, Tel: +049 4923990908.

    10. www.ibogatreatment.com – Paul Menze, France. Previously conducted Holistic treatment as an addiction specialist. Now states: ‘I don’t provide sessions anymore. Instead I offer online-counselling via skype for people who got treatment elsewhere without aftercare-options.’ For further information Tel: +031 6 16 800650. Contact email: e-mail: info@ibogaine.info.

    11. Techiyas HaMayseem – Rabbi Novick, Personal Iboga Session: observation in Italy, Holland and Canada – supervision not available in the U.S.A. or Israel. Rabbinically Approved / Kosher Set and Setting.

    12. Tamar (Israel) – Provider States: “Pathfinder on the iboga trail – personal counselling and after care, based on harm reduction principles and spiritual integrity. treatments provided in europe.” Contact email: e-mail: tamariboga@gmail.com.

    13. www.iboga-experience.nl/ – Maria, Holland. Provider States: “I am a meditation teacher, massager and a holosophic therapiste with a holistic (body, soul and spirit) and antroposofic approach. I guide the journey energetically. With my own methodology “Touch4Life” I coach from out the transpersonal psychology empowerment surprisingly mixed with shamanic rituals. The meditations are supported with breathwork.” Contact email: info@iboga-experience.nl. Tel.: 0031 6 41295744.

    14. www.ibogatherapy.com – Aleksandar Kandic. Provider States: “We are a team of healthcare professionals working with addicts in a clinical setting with permanent check of vital functions by an expierienced medical doctor. All treatments are conducted by medical doctors in hospital. Ibogaine treatments with us require 3-5 days and cost 2400-3000€.” Contact email: info@ibogatherapy.com.

    15. www.heroindetoxeurope.com – Dr Nicolay Vorobiev, Belgrade & Russia (Rostov, Krasnodar, Pyatigorsk, and Moscow.) Provider States: “Painless detoxification at our clinic meets the highest international standarts of modern addiction medicine. Our reputable methods of drug detox, such as heroin detox, detox from methadone, detox from subutex, and mental dependence treatment are checked by numerous international researchers and used in many countries all over the world.” Contact email: belgradeclinic@gmail.com. Tel: +381 62 256 232. Skype: kdv-beograd.

    16. [Added May 03 2015] www.iboga-experience.nl – Maria Straatman, Netherlands. Provider states: ‘Iboga spiritual centre in The Netherlands with many years of experience in healing people with addictions and depressions, anxiety and other life-issues..’ For further information email: info@iboga-experience.nl.

    16. [Added May 15 2016] www.tabularasaretreat.com – Ibogaine Treatment Portugal. Provider states: ‘Tabula Rasa Retreat is not a typical drug rehabilitation clinic. It is a centre, where a withdrawal free detox, with Iboga and Ibogaine Treatment, can offer a new life. A spiritual escape. A place to be lost then found. Set near the beautiful, coastal capital of Lisbon, Portugal, the clinic treats a wide range of people in search of a new kind of addiction recovery and spiritual freedom… All treatments undergo medical vetting and are medically monitored and supervised.’ For further information email: ibogainetreatment at tabularasaretreat dot com or call +351 965 751 649.

    17. [Added Aug 30 2016] Ibogaine Treatment Spain. Provider states: ‘We provide iboga and ibogaine treatment for all types of addiction and spiritual development in a tranquil family home.’ For further information email: info@harambedetox.com.

    18. [Added Nov 02 2016] http://ibogainetreatment.eu/ – Ibogaine Treatment Spain. Provider states: ‘Adam and Edyta provide safe, professional and affordable ibogaine treatments in their centre in Spain. Comprehensive programs for addictions and psycho-spiritual growth. They work with iboga TA and HCL depending on the type of healing. Guided sessions with pre-care and after-care programs in english & polish language.’ For further information email: info@ibogainetreatment.eu.


  • U.K.

    UK Treatment Providers:

    1. www.ibogaineaftercare.org & www.become-whole.co.uk – Edward Conn, an ibogaine practitioner working in London, England. Provider states: ‘New aftercare website specialising in all aspects of psycho spiritual after care, post ibogaine aftercare and other areas of interest. Specialising in spiritual emergency and transpersonal work. Qualified transpersonal counsellor and psychotherapist and dual diagnosis clinician.’ Contact email: wardconn@hotmail.com.

    2. Email: epoptica@freeuk.com – Hattie Wells, an ibogaine practitioner (medically supervised) working in England. Tel: +44(0)7949 262949.

    3. www.ibogainetreatment.net – Brian Mariano’s ibogaine Provider site. Based in Europe, offers sessions in the UK. (Concessionary cases considered).

    4. www.iboga.co.uk – Ibogaine treatment in Norfolk, England. Contact Paul Brookshaw, Tel: UK mobile + (44) 07729215015. Contact email: nobun@hushmail.com.

    5. www.ibogaine-info.co.uk – Provider States: “Ibogaine treatment in the UK. Paul Featherstone facilitates (medically supervised) individually tailored Ibogaine treatments for addiction cessation/opiate detox as well as sessions to guide those who seek Ibogaine’s therapeutic gifts to resolve emotional childhood trauma issues, PTSD, psycho-spiritual exploration, or for the attainment of better health & well being. Medical criteria required to suitably qualify (Full after care is available).” For further details please contact Paul on Tel: +44 (0) 7578 868340 or email: paulfeatherstone@yahoo.com.

  • Africa

    Africa Treatment Providers:

    1. Association Culturelle EBANDO – From Website: “The organisation seeks to encourage the transmission of traditional Knowledge and practices including philosophy and oral traditions, art and crafts; and the healing skills of the Bantu and Pygmy peoples from the Ogoou¨¦ basin region of Gabon.” INITIATIONS par l’IBOGA: BWITI – MABOUNDI – OMBWIRI – MABANDJI -OMBUDI – MBOUMBA – etc… Sachant que les coûts sont plus elevés au Gabon qu’en Europe, on comprendra sans peine qu’une initiation soit quelque peu chere. Pour une simple initiation de 4 jours + la veillée de sortie, il est bon de prevoir au moins €2000: €600 de founitures et de voyage en foret and €1400 de retribution – according to traditional skills.Covers 3 weeks stay (full board) and travels in Gabon. Contact email: ibogabon@yahoo.fr, tel: +(241) /

    2. Minds Alive, Durban, S.A. – Dr Anwar Jeewa C/o Minds Alive, Natal, 19A Renown Road, Westville, Durban, South Africa, email: mindsalive@telkomsa.net, tel: +(27) 31 2661112, Fax: +(27) 31 2661113.

    3. www.gables.co.za – Lynne Crawford, The Gables Country House, South Africa. For more information on Iboga Treatments contact Lynne Crawford at: email lynne@gables.co.za, tel: +27 (0) 437 385 353.

    4. The Iboga Association Cape Town – established in 2006. Simon Loxton D.Emed. Registered Ethnomedicine Practitioner, in accordance with the Traditional Health Practitioners Act, 2007, South Africa. Provider states: “Each treatment process is unique to the individual. We follow strict pre-treatment procedures and screening. We are continually researching patient treatment experiences, dosages and protocols. We take a holistic, pro-active involvement with researching new methods of cultivation and extraction of the Ibogaine alkaloids.” Contact email: ibogaine.treatment@iboga.co.za.

  • Australasia

    Australasia Treatment Providers:

    1. Email: kabbas@brain.net.pk – Medically supervised ibogaine treatment in the Addiction Treatment Hospital, Lahore, Pakistan with Dr Kalbe Abbas. Tel: (+92) 042 7586712, Fax: (+92) 042 7586712 (US$1.5k approx.)

    2. www.ibogaineasia.com – Provider states: “Ibogaine Treatments in a Tropical Island Paradise for Spiritual and Emotional transformation. Price is 1300 Euro for our Full Program. No addiction interruption inquires please. Thank You. Email for more information.” E-mail: journeys@ibogaineasia.com.

    3. www.secundumvitae.com – Ibogaine psychospiritual treatment in Thailand. A 28 day program currently costs US $4,000 which includes one Ibogaine treatment. Each additional 28 day stay is US $3000 (unless Ibogaine is included) The complete course fee has to be paid prior to arrival.

    4. www.iboga.com.au – Ibogaine treatment information in Australia from Jasen at the Gold Coast, Q.L.D. See Jasen’s talk here on ‘iboga/ibogaine in the treatment of addiction.’ Contact email: jasenhappy@hotmail.com.

    5. www.ibogaine.org.nz – All about ibogaine treatment in New Zealand [currently closed].

    6. www.iBogaClinic.com – Provider states: “We have renovated our Coffee shop and Herbal Dispensary in the Far North of New Zealand, and added an iBoga treatment room. Australian Ibogaine providers joined us in February 2011 and helped us initiate the new clinic with our first opiate detox, and since then we have been quietly building up our experience and learning about the safe use of the medicine.”

    7. tanea.nz@gmail.com – Provider states: “I provide Ibogaine Therapy in Dunedin, Te Wai Pounamu, Aotearoa/NZ. My team and I are qualified or currently in training as substance use practitioners and work within the legal framework of NZ. Ibogaine was gazetted as a non-approved prescription medicine in November 2009. We have created a process that is supported by existing health care professionals and focusses on individual needs and harm minimization. We work under the Code of Ethics of the Drug Practitioners of Aotearoa/NZ. I am also a board member on the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance, GITA.”

    8. www.ibogainethailand.net – Koh Phangan, Thailand – Provider states: ‘Ibogaine Thailand provides a caring and safe environment for your life changing ibogaine experience. Whether you are coming for drug addiction, emotional issues or spiritual therapy, Ibogaine Thailand has the know how and experience to get you the results you are seeking, on our beautiful tropical island.’ Email contact: info@ibogainethailand.net. Tel: + 66 (0) 85 655 3146, + 66 (0) 89 652 1558. [Closed]

    9. [added May 03 15] http://newbeginningsiboga.org – Ubud, Bali – Provider states: ‘A holistic & introspective retreat harnessing the power of the ancient plant medicine iboga, helping to heal the body and mind of addictive behaviours.’ Contact email: info@newbeginningsiboga.org. Tel: +61 468827276.

    10. [added May 03 15] www.ibogaine-thailand.net – Thailand – Provider states: ‘iBogaine Thailand is dedicated to spiritual individuals who are ready for the next level in their conscious evolution. We offer a holistic and nuturing aftercare treatment using TA (total alkaloid), HCL & iBoga rootbark-extract (boosters), for addiction detox without withdrawal, emotional trauma problems, spiritual exploration & personal development in the comfort of a beautiful tropical island paradise in Thailand.’ Contact email: info@ibogaine-thailand.net.

  • Clinical Studies

    Clinical Studies That May Require Subjects:

    www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/PubMed/ – Medline search page for details of clinical studies.

  • Retreat

    Iboga Retreats:

    http://ayahuasca.nl/intothewood.html – 5-day iboga retreat in Brasil – not suitable for chemical dependency. Provider state: “This iboga retreat will be guided by e.g., Andrea and Dominique, who are very experienced with several shamanic traditions, both are also initiated in the Bwiti tradition (an iboga religion) in Gabon.” These are not suitable for chemical dependence withdrawal.

    http://www.bwiti.nl/ – Bwitifull Iboga ceremonies.