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    The information provided on this web site is not to be taken as an endorsement by the author of this web site for the use of ibogaine or iboga related products for chemical dependence or psychospiritual work. The information is offered for informational use only, and is not intended for use in diagnosing any disease or condition or prescribing any treatment whatsoever. The information provided is in no way intended to encourage the use of ibogaine or iboga related products. MYEBOGA specifically cautions against the use of iboga or iboga related products in (i) violation of the law, (ii) without appropriate professional guidance and monitoring, or (iii) without careful personal evaluation of potential risks and hazards. MYEBOGA specifically disclaims any liability, loss, injury, or damage incurred as a consequence, directly or indirectly, of the use and application of any of the contents of this website.

    When MYEBOGA was first set up its aim was to provide safety to those seeking treatment by giving as much information as possible. Over the years the reports of deaths & abuse in treatment have become more and more troubling. For this reason I now only list clinics or groups properly licenced by the government in which they are located. This is a completely voluntary listing. No one should seek treatment from any clinic unless it has a proven minimum standard of care as defined by GITA: https://www.ibogainealliance.org