The Endabuse Reports

ENDABUSE is the registered trademark for Ibogaine Hydrochloride used for the treatment of addictive chemical dependencies. This is a corporate video released by NDA International, Inc. in 1994 featuring Howard Lotsof, 6 addicts who were treated with Ibogaine, scientists, social workers, and doctors.

Part 2 focuses on the testimonials of six addicts who were treated with the ENDABUSE Procedure and Ibogaine. In this segment the addicts (2 women and 4 men) describe their pre-treatment experiences as addicts and how they came to become ensnarled in the vicious cycle of seeking and using drugs.

In Part 3 the addicts describe their attempts to kick heroin addiction and detox from methadone. A doctor who evaluated and observed 4 patients explains the intake process. Finally, the addicts describe their experiences after taking Ibogaine.

In Part 4 the addicts continue to describe their vivid and transforming experiences during and after taking Ibogaine. A social worker explains the remarkable changes in his clients after undergoing the ENDABUSE Procedure.

Part 5 of this video series focuses on the post-treatment experiences of patients who underwent the ENDABUSE Procedure with ibogaine. They discuss a window of opportunity where they had no addictive cravings during which they could make changes in their lives. Social workers who did pioneering psychotherapy with these patients also reveal their findings.

The 6th and final segment of this video series touches upon human clinical trials and closing remarks of the patients and caregivers of those treated with ibogaine in the ENDABUSE Procedure. A doctor emphasizes his view that this is a safe and rapid interruption of withdrawal and chemical dependency that opens a symptom free window of opportunity during which patients need psychological and social support for a long term outcome.