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The information provided here is not to be taken as an endorsement by the author of this web site for the use of ibogaine or iboga for chemical dependence or psychospiritual work. This information is supplied for interest only. Individuals who take ibogaine or iboga do so at their own risk and should seek proper psychological and medical support. Please check the legal status of ibogaine in the country of treatment. 

  • N. + C. America

    North America Aftercare:

    1. Lissa Friedman PhD – Post Ibogaine Psychotherapy Provider – Provider states: “Some people come for therapy to be free of addiction and live a fulfilling life. Depending on their dedication to deep, honest, introspection this process can take several months to a year or so. For others once they have emerged from the cocoon of the past, they begin to question life itself and their True nature. At this point they have entered what I call the transpersonal realm. This phase of the process is no longer therapy in the traditional sense, but more guidance, or mentoring. This part of the journey is more freeing than healing; in that the patterns of identifying as a separate person are being loosened and released. How far anyone wants to go is always up to them.” Contact: e-mail: lissafriedman@gmail.com Tel: tel:352-538-4903, Skype: lissafriedman.

    2. www.selfledsolutions.com – Brian Murphy, M.Ed, LCSW – Provider states: “I am a holistic psychotherapist, I have taken plant medicine myself, and I’ve been providing ibogaine after-care for more than ten years now. What I see over and over is that ibogaine opens amazing doors for us and makes all kinds of life changes possible. But so often the environment people return to from treatment is not in tune with this kind of experience, and has no way to nourish it. In holistic therapy I work with you to reconnect with your ibogaine experience so the vision can become a resource for your whole life. We discuss the meaning of the ‘grace period’ after treatment, I do guided meditations and stress reduction exercises, we plan out your next steps for the future, and we support those steps with spiritual and emotional healing. I have also been involved in the humane and respectful treatment of drug users since 1996, when I did street-side therapy outside of a syringe exchange van in East Harlem — and I continue working there to this day.” Contact: Joseph DeRosa e-mail: brianmurphytherapist@gmail.com, Tel: +1 917 671 6923.

    4. www.holistichousevegas.com – Justin Hoffman – Provider states: “An alternative to the traditional sober living transition model, Holistic House employs natural herbs, clean, organic, orthomolecular nutrition, vitamins, reiki, daily practice of yoga and meditation and other natural modalities to aid addicts with a healthy transition phase between detox and return to daily life at home. We incorporate varying daily health-promoting activities to help heal the recovering addict’s body from the toxic effects of an addicted lifestyle and form new habits that will serve them well in the next chapter of their lives.” Call OR Text Justin Hoffman (702) 275-3301.

    5. Root Recovery – Lindsey Slater – Austin, Texas – Provider states: “At Root Recovery, we understand the importance of taking advantage of the first few months after ibogaine assisted detox. It’s vitally imortant to utilize this window of time to develop new patterns and to help you integrate your medicinal experience into a new healthy way of life.” Contact: Skype lindsey.rootrecovery@gmail.com or OR 512-213-5672.

    Central America Aftercare:


    1. www.livingcleanibogaine.com/, 2 hrs from Mexico City, Ecological Retreat Center. Provider States: “We are a full-scale recovery center staffed with an accredited team of psychologists, naturopathic doctors and body therapists. We are located 2 hours away from Mexico int airport in an eco-retreat clinical facility. The center provides comfortable accommodations, hot solar showers, wireless internet, healthy and delicious meals prepared with organic produce, use of art studio and yoga/meditation facilities as well as many acres of organic orchards and gardens. You will experience the serenity of the surrounding nature reserve setting, high standards of cleanliness, comfort and a unique style.” Email for info at: hello@livingcleanibogaine.com. Call: USA: +1 (415) 800-4194.

  • S. America

    South America Aftercare:

  • Europe + Mid. East

    Europe (except UK) & Mid. East Aftercare:

    1. www.ibogatreatment.com – Paul Menze, France. Previously conducted Holistic treatment as an addiction specialist. Now states: ‘I don’t provide sessions anymore. Instead I offer online-counselling via skype for people who got treatment elsewhere without aftercare-options.’ For further information Tel: +031 6 16 800650, e-mail: info@ibogaine.info.

  • U.K.

    U.K. Aftercare:

    1. http://www.malviakenlock.com/ – Provider states: “I have have taken a full flood dose which related to a psycho spiritual journey in Costa Rica and also have micro dosed before and after. I am located in South West London.” Maliva practises QHHT: “Quantum Healing Hypnosis THerapy is a technique pioneered, developed and refined by Dolores Cannon, in a career spanning forty-five years as a Regressive Hypnotherapist. The wealth of knowledge amassed by working on thousands of clients globally has led to profound healing and become the therapy of choice for those seeking self-help.” Contact: Malvia Kenlock e-mail: malvia@gmail.com, Landline (UK) 0207-207-9204, Mobile (UK) 07098430057.

    2. www.ibogaineaftercare.org & www.become-whole.co.uk – Edward Conn, an ibogaine practitioner working in London, England. Provider states: ‘New aftercare website specialising in all aspects of psycho spiritual after care, post ibogaine aftercare and other areas of interest. Specialising in spiritual emergency and transpersonal work. Qualified transpersonal counsellor and psychotherapist and dual diagnosis clinician.’ Contact: e-mail: wardconn@hotmail.com NOT GOVERNMENT LICENSED. 

  • Africa

    Africa Aftercare:

  • Australasia

    Australasia Aftercare: