Jasen: Iboga/Ibogaine in the Use of Addiction

Speaker: Jasen

Saturday 4 December 2010
Entheogenesis Australis Conference
Melbourne, Australia

Synopsis: Tabernathe Iboga is a shrub grown primarily in West Africa in the Cameroon and Gabon. This plant has been used for many generations as a sacrament of transition, to initiate the young into adulthood. Iboga is an oneirogenic putting you into a waking dream state in most cases. In the 60’s a man by the name of ...

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#9 Bleecker foreclosure and possible eviction

Harsh! Yippie Museum’s Building Manager Wants Pot Activist Kicked to the Curb


Already fighting foreclosure, the home of the Yippie! Museum faced another buzzkill last week, as attorney Meryl L. Wenig asked a State Supreme Court judge to consider civil contempt charges against its owners and even jail time for failing to pay rent at 9 Bleecker Street.

Wenig represents David F. Segal, the receiver, who claims that “not ...

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