Opioid addicts seek alternative treatment in Mexico

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) – People across the country are crossing the border to Mexico, hoping an alternative form of therapy will cure their addiction to opioids.

One former addict shared his story with 10News. He asked that we only refer to him as Bob.

“I had been to traditional rehabs throughout my life, mostly against my will,” said Bob.

He said he got hooked on painkillers after multiple injuries due to skateboarding and snowboarding.

His addiction ...

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Company Will Test Psychedelic for Treatment of Opioid Addiction

Gary A. Enos, Editor

A Toronto-based company is looking to have an impact on the treatment of opioid addiction by exploring the potential of psychedelics, an area of study that to this point has seen more intense activity in the mental health field.

Mind Medicine Inc. (Mindmed) announced this week that it has acquired the drug development program for 18-MC (18-methoxycoronaridine), a synthetic derivative of the psychedelic drug ibogaine. The company is preparing ...

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This Detox Drug Could Get You Hooked And Kill You

There is no medically approved single-dose cure for opioid addiction in the United States or anywhere alse in the world for that matter.

Those that want to quit opioids on sheer willpower alone are fighting a losing battle and are in for the hell of an experience — literally. Immediately withdrawing from an opioid or going cold turkey can make a user wish he were dead.

Once an opioid is removed, “the body ...

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JR Rahn, Mindmed Co-Founder and Board Member

Mindmed Acquires Opioid Addiction Drug Candidate Based on the Natural Psychedelic Ibogaine


TORONTO, Sept. 16, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Mind Medicine, Inc. (“Mindmed”), the leading neuro-pharmaceutical company focused on discovering and developing medicines based on psychedelics, has finalized the acquisition of the 18-MC drug development program, an anti-addictive molecule that was previously funded by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (“NIDA”). Mindmed acquired the project from Savant HWP Inc., whose leadership team of top researchers and drug developers will also ...

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