Gales Ibogaine Treatment, A Film By Iceers (Documentary)

Gale was treated at the Iboga Therapy House in 2004 for her methadone dependency. Part of her session was filmed for the documentary Ibogaine – Rite of Passage, but didn’t make it to the final cut. This unused material shows how just a test dose of IbogaineHCL reduces withdrawal signs of serious drug dependency as Gale was facing (100mg of Methadone a day). Iceers channel.

MYEBOGA: The content ...

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5MEO-DMT – The Spirit Molecule a complementary balancing effect to ibogaine

5MEO+DMT sometimes referred to as a Spirit Molecule is released at birth, death and intense times of PTSD during stressful events. It naturally occurs within the body in low doses at all times. This compound in excess via administration through inhalation, allows the body and the mind to experience oma freeness, joining and blending of Cvontours between body and ethos……. often creating an experience of all love ...

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