MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 6 The Rocky Caravelli Interview A Bwiti Influenced Provider 7 June 2020

Founder and director of the Awakening in the Dream Group, Rocky first took ibogaine for poly substance addiction interruption in Dec 2003. Trained as a provider at the Ibogaine Association he worked in the underground as a provider from his home. In 2006 he moved to San Pancho Nayarit Mexico to open the Dream House, a medical licensed detox center, where he conducted treatments for 10 years and began the first integration ...

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MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 5 The Tatayo Ebando Gabon Interview A Healing Master 24 May 2020

Tatayo, a former French man 48 years in Gabon since October 1971, a builder of community and preserver of tradition, instilling pride in the lives of ordinary Gabonese people, robed of their heritage as collateral damage in the march of progress, allowing them to value and take pride in their Bwiti culture in an honorable and dignified fashion. Tatayo has made it possible to present Bwiti to the western world while maintaining its ...

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MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 4 The Jonathan Dickinson Interview May 3rd 2020

Jonathan Dickinson is a counselor and consultant who has been working with iboga and ibogaine since 2009. He currently resides in Tijuana, Mexico where he works under a private practice, Ceiba Ibogaine Therapy, supporting people through the ibogaine treatment process. He previously served as the Director of the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA), during which time he led the development of the Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification, a risk management guide that remains ...

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MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 3 The Clare Wilkins Interview Pangea Biomedics 26 April 2020

Clare S. Wilkins is a former intravenous drug user & methadone patient who shed those chemical dependencies with the aid of ibogaine in 2005. As founder of Pangea Biomedics, she has facilitated over 800 treatments with a diverse team & has collaborated with MAPS to study the long-term effects of patients undergoing detoxification therapy with ibogaine for opiates. (Brown, Alper M.D., 2017)

Since 2010 she has been an active board member of The Global ...

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MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 2 The Dr Anwar Jeewa Interview All Things Ibogaine 13 April 2020

Dr. Anwar Jeewa is the founder and director of Minds Alive Wellness Centre. He holds an Honours degree (2004) in Religion and Social Transformation from the University of Kwazulu-Natal (UKZN), for which he submitted a mini-dissertation entitled “Religion, Spiritual and Substance Abuse.” He also holds a Masters degree in Social Science (2006) from UKZN; the title of his dissertation was “The Treatment of Substance Abuse in Residential Centres in the 21st Century.” ...

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