VICE on HBO: Can an Obscure — and Illegal — African Plant Help Cure Heroin and Opiate Addiction?

In recent years, you may have noticed that the public and the media have shown an increasing awareness of the potential of plant medicines — and particularly psychedelics, or entheogens — to treat otherwise intractable psychological conditions, such as PTSD and addiction.

I know this as well as anyone — I struggled with heroin addiction for 20 years and tried everything I could to kick the habit. Finally, 11 years ago — convinced ...

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New Zealand: Woman dies in drug rehab (Story from Herald)

Woman dies in drug rehab (Story from New Zealand Herald)

Husband wants answers about treatment

The grieving husband of an Italian-born farmer who died of a suspected heart attack in a controversial rehab clinic is demanding answers about her death.

Teodora Palmieri-Chuck, 45, of Wairarapa, died at Kaitaia’s Iboga Clinic while undergoing a controversial ibogaine drug addiction treatment.

Ibogaine has been hailed as a miracle way to break drug dependency after only one dose, but concerns ...

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Patient Death in New Zealand

Clinic failed woman who died after treatment on experimental drug

Last updated [19:08], August 10 2015

A patient at the iBoga clinic in Kaitaia has died following the administration of an experimental drug Ibogaine.

A clinic administering experimental treatment for drug addiction has been labelled a “sloppy operation” after a woman was found dead on her third day of treatment.

Health and Disability Commissioner Anthony Hill has found a GP at Te Whare Rongoa in ...

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Iboga Judgement Day

Last Tuesday, March 26th of 2013, Dimitri Mougianis, Michael McKenna, and Bovenga Na Muduma, who were set up and arrested in 2011 for giving Iboga to an addict, have been sentenced in Seattle. They ended up with 45 days of home detention without probation, a penalty for misdemeanor possession of ibogaine and iboga… The judge clearly understood the new purpose these men found in their lives after they managed to overcome years ...

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