Iboga Analysis Project ICEERS

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We would like to ask ibogaine treatment providers and people who have purchased an iboga product to send a small sample (25mg-100mg) to us for analysis.

When you do so, please provide the following information if possible:
– Type of material (root bark, iboga extract, HCL)
– Source (e.g. company name, online vendor, country, etc.)
– The purity you believe the product has (e.g. 85% Ibogaine)
– In case you have worked with, or taken the material, information about any abnormal effects, experienced potency, etc.
– any other information you consider relevant
– a contact email

We will collect samples until the end of March of 2013.
As soon as we have gathered all the samples we will start the analysis. As soon as your sample is analyzed, the result  will be send to you by email. After having analyzed all the samples, a publication will be written with the gathered data that we hope will help reduce the risks associated with the use of iboga.

You can send your samples to:
Benjamin De Loenen
ICEERS Foundation
c/Sants 168 3.1.
08028 Barcelona

Please send the sample well packaged; inside a small plastic well-closed bag with the text ’Iboga alkaloids, for research purposes only’ written on it.
Place that small bag inside an envelope (preferably with plastic bubble-wrap inside). It is best to send the sample through trackable mail, so it cannot get lost. Also please inform us by email when you ship a sample to us. This service is free of charge.

Iboga Analysis Project