2nd International Ibogaine Treatment Provider Conference, Barcelona 2010

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Global Therapist Alliance

Dear Ibogaine Treatment Provider,
You are formally invited to attend the 2nd International Ibogaine Treatment Providers’ Conference in Barcelona, Spain scheduled for 3 days in October, 2010, the 13th, 14th to 16th. On the day of the 15th there will be an open public presentation at the Ministry of Health in Barcelona.

As you know our beloved mentor and the founder of the Ibogaine movement, Mr.Howard Lotsof passed away January 31, 2010. We miss him everyday but arecommitted to continue his life’s work.

In the spirit of the 1st Ibogaine Treatment Providers’ Conference in Mexico of March 2009, honoring Howard and Norma Lotsof’s lifetime achievements with this incredible therapeutic tool, the 2nd Ibogaine Treatment Providers’ Conference is dedicated to exploring ibogaine therapy by ibogaine providers. it will take place on October 13th, 14th and 16th and will include: presentations, workshops, training sessions, round table discussions, debates, music and ceremonies.

An extraordinary mix of treatment facilitators, activists, academics, doctors, authors, shamans & guides from Africa, Mexico, USA, Brasil, Europe, Israel, Australia, Canada will be attending, and your participation is essential.
This event is organized by the Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA) and will take place in the heart of Barcelona.

Some highlights from the 2nd Ibogaine Treatment Providers’ Conference agenda(October 13, 14, 16):

GITA –  introduction and open debate on the main policies and services proposed to the ibogaine therapy providers’ community.
Bwiti sessions– essentials of bwiti spirituality , culture and ceremonial practice in a western theraputic context.
Safety focus– Hands-on CPR course for ibogaine related emergencies, pharmacology, detox related psychosis, contraindications, screening policies. Therapy Roundtables– eclectic teams explore treatment protocols, aftercare & integration, the therapeutic process, Treatment Providers’ burnout syndrome, clinical trials, challenges of research for ibogaine therapy, legal aspects … and more!
Confirmed speakers are: Norma Lotsof, Dr. Kenneth Alper, Dr. Jeffrey Kamlet, Boaz Wachtel, Dr. Anwar Jeewa, Dr. Bruno Rasmussen, Clare Wilkins, Rocky Caravelli, Sandra Karpetas, Peter Breckenridge, Dr. Jelle Straatsma, Lee Albert, Declan Hammond, Roman Paskulin, and more exciting participants soon to be announced…

We encourage all who wish to present at the conference to submit abstracts on new research, traditional plant medicine techniques, successful treatments and ground-breaking policy. If you would like to speak at the event, please fill out the abstract form [application form no longer available]. All presentations will be in English (please notify us immidiately if you require translation services).

On October, 15, parallel to the Treatment Provider Conference, the International Center for Ethnobotanical Education, Research & Service (ICEERS) organizes the event Ibogaine: A New Paradigm in the Treatment of Addiction at the Catalan Ministry of Health (Generalitat), directed towards healthcare professionals, clinical researchers, therapists, policy makers, drug user groups, anthropologists, and the general public. You may subscribe for this day at a reduced rate.

To accept this invitation, we would be most grateful if you registered using the registration form below.

In the following days and weeks we will be updating the conference information; information on presentations & confirmed speakers, accommodation, locations, donations & scholarships, and more.

2nd ibogaine providers’ conference (October 13, 14, 16, 2010) –  60€
1st international ibogaine conference (October 15, 2010)- 20€ (reduced rate for Ibogaine treatment providers)