3rd International Ibogaine Provider’s Conference in Vancouver October 2-6th, 2012

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Vancouver 2012
Between October 2-6th, 2012, GITA will hold it’s 3rd international gathering of Ibogaine providers in Vancouver, BC, Canada. The conference will have three main components, the first being a closed session for GITA members and those who wish to become members who are working with ibogaine, to discuss major issues in production, research, policy, and global organizing (October 2-5); the second being a panel discussion followed by a documentary screening open to the public (October 6); and the third being an intensive training module, which will include instruction from several providers (October 8-9).

The conference will continue to act as a forum for GITA members from around the world to discuss new ideas, modalities of treatment, training methods, strategies for research, and movements in public policy. If you are working with iboga or ibogaine it is important that you are present.


GITA Members Meeting

Between October 2nd and 5th, GITA members will have the opportunity to meet collectively for a series of discussions that will be closed to the public. This gathering will take place at the W2 Community Media Art Center in downtown Vancouver. The purpose of this meeting is to strengthen the bonds of global community and discuss topics relevant specifically to providers. A schedule of events and discussions will be provided soon. If you would like to present, please submit an abstract as soon as possible.

Public Conference

On Saturday, October 6th, providers and researchers from around the world will host a series of panels and discussions at the W2 Community Media Arts Center at 111 West Hastings St., in downtown Vancouver, BC [[map].

This portion of the conference will also be available via live web stream.

Post Conference Workshops

The week following the conference there will be a series of hands-on workshops. This will include instruction from several providers in regards to treatment protocols, ethical considerations, team structure, intake and aftercare.

A subsequent Bwiti and ceremonial workshop may also take place. Details TBA.

More details & registration: 3rd International Ibogaine Provider’s Conference