Ibogaine Forum Tblisis, Georgia 2019

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December, 4-8 2019,  IFTW will present our next conference at IIia University, Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia. 

December 4th 

Pre-event dinner/reception,  t6 PM @Aristaeus Ethno Wine Bar, 

Kote Afkhazi st.  Guests will enjoy homemade Bio wine and delicious Georgian cuisine (vegan and vegetarian meals available)

December 5th

Registration starts at [spp-timestamp time="09:00"]Conference starts at [spp-timestamp time="10:00"].

Coffee and Lunch will be provided during the breaks.

David Subeliani –  Can Ibogaine Be The Next Big Thing?  

Dana Beal –  Ibogaine 101. 

Roman Paskulin – Ibogaine’s Secrets Unraveled. 

Lunch (12 PM)

Claire Wilkins – New protocols for Ibogaine in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease.

James Rogers & Christin Gorenflo – Ibogaine treatments for PTSD. 

Paul Featherstone – Ibogaine modulation of auto-immune dis-orders.

December 6th

David Otiashvili – The Georgian Overview. 

Dr. Jeffrey Kamlet, M.D.  – Giving flood-doses safely for opiate and other detox.  Lecture begins at 10 AM

Gio – Treatment in Portugal – A Georgian Goes to Tabula Rasa 

Maja Kohek, Genis Ona – ICEERS methadone detox protocol.

Lee Albert – Myiboga Bwiti Pharmacology 

December 7

Murtaza Majeed—The case of Afghanistan

Sina Eftekar—Ibogaine in the Islamic Republic

Sergey Khudoley— Ibogaine in Kiev

Anwar Jeewa—the Upcoming March Forum in Kuala Lumpur.

Jeremy Weate —The Challenges Going Forward.

Micke Korne — Ibogaine in Sweden.

Dapny Van Vliet— The Case of Sara Glatt