5MEO-DMT – The Spirit Molecule a complementary balancing effect to ibogaine

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5MEO+DMT sometimes referred to as a Spirit Molecule is released at birth, death and intense times of PTSD during stressful events. It naturally occurs within the body in low doses at all times. This compound in excess via administration through inhalation, allows the body and the mind to experience oma freeness, joining and blending of Cvontours between body and ethos……. often creating an experience of all love and and an experience of ego transcendence and conditioning. 5MEO-DMT can completely change one’s relationship to life’s purpose and death. 5MEO-DMT is offered at ibogreen as part of the primary basic treatment package to either become free and clean from heroin and opiates without withdrawals and/or to expand the psycho-spiritual self and/or to change various mental states of depression or anxiety in which certain people have developed SSRI resistance. If further interested call our ibogaine treatment clinic located in Tijuana Mexico. (619) 807-2127