Ibogaine safari, The (2014). I NEVER EXPECTED ANYTHING LIKE THIS… Full film

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A cure for heroin(Nyope) addictions. South Africa is a waste land of addiction with a drug consumption rate twice the worlds norm. Witbank in Mpumalanga has the highest density of heroin addicts in the country. Film maker Pierre le Roux investigates this and explores the truth behind Ibogaine. A psychoactive substance found in the West African plant known as Iboga. It was discovered in the late 1960’s by the late Howard Lotsof that it could interrupt a heroin addiction painlessly in the course of 72 hours. Pierre le Roux takes on the quest and finds and rehabilitates a hard core heroin addict using only Ibogaine root bark on a life changing experience he calls the Ibogaine Safari. Pieter (heroin addict) still had his kit on him when Pierre picks him up in a drug hell know as Witbank.
Canada international film festival winner of the award of excellence 2014.