Sara Glatt (Holland) – Outlook & Experience with Iboga

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Firstly, plants have always been an essential part of human existence.
We are all connected to the same life source, the sun the moon and the rhythms.

Some plants we call “Entheogens”. Those kind of plants are most sacred and are essential for expanding our awareness and
give us powerful spiritual insight.
Only by experiencing them can we gain understanding.

Sara Glatt

In the spring of 1999 I met Dan Lieberman who told me about his initiation
with Tabernanthe Iboga in a Gabonese village. His story was fascinating and
made me feel a desire to experience Iboga too.

I felt the need to connect with this sacrament. Psychoactive plants I had tried before (as well as LSD and MDMA),
only this time inspired by Dan, a few years later I felt within me a revival of my fascination towards them.
The more I looked into it the stronger the desire grew to experience Iboga.
The day came and I had my first experience that has since changed my life. I think that everything that happened was for the good even if it didn’t look like that at the time.

On the Iboga journey,
I felt a strong connection to Nature and a sense of fascination for the people who live in the natural world who have always used medicinal plants –
this being a normal thing to do when someone is ill. I saw them dancing and watching me.
They gave me the honour of sharing their sacrament.

In the winter of 1999 I started giving Iboga sessions to help drug addicts
(mostly to change their lifestyle) but also for people concerned about their
Spiritual growth and general well-being.

By now, five years later, I have experienced Iboga five times full dose and many times at small dosages. I have found that this phenomenal mystical
experience offered me each time a powerful feeling of unity with the universe and separation from the physical body.
The body is the tool to express this unity and compassion and it desires to gain more insights, self-knowledge, trust and truthfulness in our lives.

By now, in my home, I have done about 150 treatments for different addictions.
Different people are given different dosages and some will have other plant medicine or fungi in combination with Iboga.
Many people who are treated feel as part of the family. Practicing loving kindness and respect to people whose beliefs and understanding
are totally defferent to ours is an important aspect of our way of life and exploration as a family.

Through my experience it has become my believe that we as humans are craving PARADISE.
How are we going to get there? By collective awareness and not on an ego power trip.
As long as the ego desires to control and expand power, that will contradict the deepest need for unity, joy and compassion.

Tabernanthe-Iboga is a gift to gain and expand spirituality as well as maintain that state of awareness.
It allows you to forgive and understand events which were traumatic and to let those old wounds heal, feel grace and look for harmony and balance.

I feel that it is my spiritual path to serve humanity on the path of healing.
It is unfortunate that I must charge money for sessions, but at this time it is my only way of
survival to support the needs of my family.

It is possible to have in your treatment Tabernanthe Iboga rootbark, rootbark extract or ibogaine HCL.
Personally I prefer to use the extract because it contains all the alkaloids of the iboga plant and it isn’t much that a person needs to ingest.