*** Disclaimer / Warning ***

The information provided here is not to be taken as an endorsement by the author of this web site for the use of ibogaine or iboga for chemical dependence or psychospiritual work. This information is supplied for interest only. Most of the Providers listed are not licensed to practise medicine, have not been vetted and may have little or no medical knowledge. Individuals who take ibogaine or iboga do so at their own risk and should seek proper psychological and medical support. While ibogaine has been shown to be effective in the treatment of certain physical dependencies, the short term healing of serious psychological illness is “highly” unlikely. With the increased popularity of ibogaine/iboga the liklihood of unsubstantiated claims increases due to the extraordinary supernatural nature of the experience and the financial rewards involved. There is also an increased risk of death if the Lotsof treatment protocol is not followed (see Treatment). Please check the legal status of ibogaine in the country of treatment.

*** Quality of Provider ***

Reports are now coming in of providers not following proper intake procedures. While you may be accepted for treatment, it does not mean you are suitable for treatment, nor that the treatment is safe. While there are many excellent providers listed here, none are recommended or vetted by myeboga.org. It is also highly likely that deaths have occurred and have gone unreported – see Fatalities. If considering treatment, it is imperative to connect with a reputable, ethical, treatment center that has a competent medical program. Names are provided for interest only.



*** Client Quotes ***

1. “I’ve been with several different ibogaine providers, and I have noticed that all of them take a spiritual approach to their practices. One provider in particular was so absorbed in his own spiritual belief system that he would often answer important medical questions by talking about spirits.”
2. “It’s funny, I just remembered that shortly after my stay at one of the ibogaine clinics, a patient had a complete freakout during her treatment because she became convinced that the people attending to her were part of a cult.”
3. “For sure we all have our different approaches.. this is why everyone should talk to a few providers. Pick the one that they feel comfortable with. I see the first phone contact sorta as an interview. Not only for the one seeking but also the provider. I know I have referred more then one seeker to another provider simply because I didn’t think we were a good match. So…, just keep interviewing till you meet the one that fits your needs.”
4. “Not the first bogus provider and it won’t be the last. I had a horrible experience in Mexico.”
5. “Do not do business with ‘him’ or with his clinic cause he will rip you off.”
6. “Just in last 12 mo I know of 7 deaths. I know for fact that many who have deaths hide it. So…pls guys. Why risk it? My rule of thumb. Nothing but opiates/benzo should be in ones system. We just don’t know enough about this wonderful plant to mix pharmicutals with it.” April 22nd 2013

*** Supply/Purchase of Iboga ***

myeboga.com does not involve itself, nor has it any commercial interest, in the supply or distribution of iboga or iboga related products, nor in the services of anybody on this web site which is completely voluntary. Iboga is a very powerful plant medicine and unless handled properly with deep respect, can be highly problematic.