Bwiti Missoko-gonde Initiation

In the heart of the Gabonese Equatorial forest there exists an ancient rite, possibly inherited from the pygmies as far back as the palaeolithic Age, called Bwiti. This rite of initiation is a way for youngsters to become adults. During the initiation, novices ingest the iboga plant which gives visions allowing them to « travel to the land of the Ancestors ». It is a death and rebirth experience where the initiate experiences a ...

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Crystalline Ibogaine HCL

Pure crystalline ibogaine hydrochloride is the most standardized formulation of ibogaine as Ibogaine and related indole compounds are susceptible to oxidation when exposed to oxygen as opposed to their salt form which is stable. Ibogaine hydrochloride manufactured within the chemical industry may vary from 95% to 98% purity. Non-pharmaceutical ibogaine hydrochloride manufactured in small batches may vary, depending on batch, between 85% – 98% ibogaine.

© 2008, Sacrament of Transition

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Bwiti Medical Consultation

Ehoumou prepares for a medical consultation. In his right hand he holds the torch made of okume resin. These torches are used during dancing, consulting, for light and protection during rituals. In his left hand is a mirror set in an animal horn that is used during consultations to gain understanding and for divination. It allows him to read the body and mind of the subject of the consultation and to detect things ...

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Bwiti, The Journey to The Territory of The Ancestors

Annual ceremony of the ÒAyize EndendangÓ congregation to commemorate the death of the congregation founder, Catherine Bendome-Ottoghe, who was killed, as she predicted, by a novice of the chapels on the 4th Apri 1987.

ÒAyize EndendangÓ is one of the biggest Fang Bwiti orders and claims to have between 8 to 10,000 followers.

© Laurent Sazy Gabon / Libreville April 2000azy

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Sacrament of Transition

The Sacrament of Transition is a religious community registered with the Office for Religious Communities of the Republic of Slovenia since 1999 in compliance with all applicable laws. The religion of Sacrament of Transition is based upon an initiation ritual in which the Holy Sacrament or IBOgaine in one of its forms is administered by the supervising priest to the prospective initiate. It is not necessary to ingest ibogaine to become a member ...

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