MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 1 The Ibogaine Life and Times Of Richie aka Eric Taub 15 March 2020

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The life & times of Richie aka Eric Taub in the ibogaine world. Richie takes us from his beginnings with ibogaine to the present day (Mar 2020) and details his unusual and synchronistic journey into the world of iboga and ibogaine that sees him travel across the world to Africa in hope of finding a cure to the opioid crises in the US. On his return he quickly began to give treatments as well as train others who had been clean for at least one year after treatment. In all, he oversaw 754 treatments. Not content with the feasibility of ibogaine he then travelled to Vietnam seeking a local herbal remedy purported to be used for heroin detox. On his return home he teamed up with a Chinese doctor and developed a herbal preparation effective for tapering from opioids, based on the herbal remedy available in Vietnam but not the same, as not all the Vietnamese herbs were available in the US. However, in regard to tapering from opioids it appears to be more effective than the Vietnamese detox remedy. Richie is one of life’s unsung heroes and will no doubt go down in the history books as someone who cared more for others than himself and gave himself almost innocently to the cause of others. It has been a pleasure to make this very first MYEBOGA podcast with Ritchie, in large part due to his endless patience as I learned the process, and in return I wish Richie the very best in all that lies ahead.