MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 3 The Clare Wilkins Interview Pangea Biomedics 26 April 2020

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Clare S. Wilkins is a former intravenous drug user & methadone patient who shed those chemical dependencies with the aid of ibogaine in 2005. As founder of Pangea Biomedics, she has facilitated over 800 treatments with a diverse team & has collaborated with MAPS to study the long-term effects of patients undergoing detoxification therapy with ibogaine for opiates. (Brown, Alper M.D., 2017)

Since 2010 she has been an active board member of The Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance (GITA); is co-author of the Clinical Guidelines for Ibogaine-Assisted Detoxification, a comprehensive risk-management resource & minimum standard of care for opioid detoxification. She is also co-author of a noteworthy case study (Wilkins, Bouso, Ph.D., et al 2017) published in the Journal of Psychedelic Studies. Mentored by Howard Lotsof, she is committed to advancing scientific research of iboga, including ibogaine, its alkaloids & analogs. She is currently collaborating with ICEERS in Spain, where a Phase 2 safety & efficacy study, using ibogaine for methadone patients has been approved, utilizing the cumulative administration method she developed over 13 years of clinical practice in Mexico.

Clare is also part of a cutting edge cohort of experts who are advancing Parkinson’s Disease treatment, utilizing a successful combination of ibogaine, orthomolecular medicine & nootropics. As these case studies build, data gathered will contribute to new methods that can become open-source material for the safest and best outcomes. As a member of INPUD, an international drug user rights organization, Clare is devoted to reducing stigma & harm, promoting the health, dignity & cognitive liberty for people who use drugs, and every human’s basic right to compassion-based medicine.