MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 5 The Tatayo Ebando Gabon Interview A Healing Master 24 May 2020

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Tatayo, a former French man 48 years in Gabon since October 1971, a builder of community and preserver of tradition, instilling pride in the lives of ordinary Gabonese people, robed of their heritage as collateral damage in the march of progress, allowing them to value and take pride in their Bwiti culture in an honorable and dignified fashion. Tatayo has made it possible to present Bwiti to the western world while maintaining its purity devoid of corrupt speculation by building an honest god fearing community around him. He has been instrumental in bringing knowledge of the Bwiti to the Western world through his involvement with Daniel Pinchbeck ‘Breaking Open the Head’ and Bruce Parry’s BBC documentary ‘Tribe ‘ among others. Those considering an initiation in Africa cannot ignore this podcast and have no business going to Africa without familiarising themselves with this man and his work unless they wish to take their lives into their own hands. Those who fell called to support his work can do so here : I for one give thanks for his work and pray for the continued blessings and success of his community.