MYEBOGA Conversations Ep 6 The Rocky Caravelli Interview A Bwiti Influenced Provider 7 June 2020

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Founder and director of the Awakening in the Dream Group, Rocky first took ibogaine for poly substance addiction interruption in Dec 2003. Trained as a provider at the Ibogaine Association he worked in the underground as a provider from his home. In 2006 he moved to San Pancho Nayarit Mexico to open the Dream House, a medical licensed detox center, where he conducted treatments for 10 years and began the first integration program in combination to primary Detox. Currently Rocky and Asha are doing sessions in their home in San Miguel de Allende like the old days bringing people into a family setting to work with Ibogaine and Iboga extracts with the same medical safety standards as San Pancho. Rocky had been a flooring contractor for 25 years with 20 years of methamphetamine addiction on and off. Ibogaine was the breakthrough which resolved both his Heroin and Methamphetamine dependence and inspired a new career in service as a provider creating a new modality of treatment for drug dependence and psychological issues.