Advertisement:The wellness market is ripe for plant-based alternatives

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Dr. Jeremy Weate:

There’s increasing evidence of the effectiveness of plant-derived medicines, such as ibogaine. The massive interest in Compass Pathway’s recent NASDAQ public offering shows the market is finally responding to the evidence. Ibogaine has the potential to be a powerful healing medicine.

Our company, Universal Ibogaine, will be opening holistic addiction detox and recovery clinics under the brand name Clear Sky Recovery. Ibogaine’s unique chemical structure combined with our proprietary pre- and post-treatment approaches gives the patient a strong foundation to restart their lives anew. We’ve successfully disrupted addiction in over 3,700 patients at Clear Sky Recovery Cancun, and we’re ready to bring this therapeutic treatment modality to the world.


Current treatment options for opioid and other forms of addiction only work for some people. What’s missing is the ability to fast track the withdrawal process. Ibogaine — a molecule found in Tabernanthe iboga and many other plants — is showing the potential to aid in rapid detox. In combination with an effective therapeutic setting, it aims to help addicts in the recovery process. Universal Ibogaine Inc.’s goal is to provide safe, effective and affordable ibogaine treatment globally this decade.

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