Dana Beal Free From Prison

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Dana Beal Free From Prison

Feb. 12 2014

From letter fwd’d to people who have contributed to Dana in the past few years. Sent out by Nancy Joan Allen

Dana was released at 12:25 pm Central time, today, Wednesday, February 12, 2014.

Here’s what happened.in brief. He called me late yesterday afternoon saying he wasn’t actually scheduled to be released. I spoke with Records. I was told his status was still “parole pending”, not “paroled”.

I called first thing this morning and spoke with Records and Parole Admin. Parole Admin told me that the parole officer who approved his housing in Omaha forgot to tell her about it and so she didn’t have the paperwork processed. She said she’d get right on it. Then she said she was “just about to send an email about this anyway”. Uh huh. She said she’d call me back. She called a half hour later and said that as soon as she could find a working scanner and fax machine, she’d send everything over to Omaha Correctional Center so they could process his release. She told me to wait a half hour before calling over to OCC.

When I called back over to Records at OCC I got no answer, so I called back and asked for whomever could tell me what I needed to know. I got switched over to Lt. Ted who said he was the one to release Dana and he didn’t have the paperwork yet.

I spoke with Lt. Ted again at approximately 1:00 pm Central time and he told me Dana’d been released at [12:25].

Dana’s ride had to leave for an hour before Dana was released. He should be picking Dana up within the next half hour, by approximately 2:30 pm Central time. Dana will then be able to use his ride’s phone for a bit.

I did call the prison and explained about his ride having to leave for an hour and I was allowed to speak with Dana, who’s sitting at the front door of the prison waiting impatiently for his ride.

I had made him a doctor’s appointment for 2 pm, so I postponed it. No biggie. He says he’s got enough meds.

Over and out….