IboGreen using Ibogaine, an EMDR framework and healing Hz vibrations for optimal results

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At IboGreen, an ibogaine treatment clinic in Mexico, ibogaine, a plant medicine from Africa is utilized to eliminate opiate and heroin withdrawals.

According to Times magazine dated March 06 2018, opiate use is currently killing more Americans than in all recent US Wars combined. We are living in the era of a major opiate addiction epidemic.

Ibogaine eliminates opiate withdrawals, which can last up to 35 weeks. Therefore when’s chances of recovery are greatly increased as ibogaine eliminates these horrific Sensations.

Ibogaine also aids in re-routing neurological pathways associated with alcoholism. Anecdotal research is demonstrating positive results with respect to alcoholism recovery rates, especially for chronic relapsers.

Ibogaine is very effective with elimination of PTSD and Trauma. It cuts years off of traditional talk therapy.

Ibogreen uses a specialized protocol to maximize and enhance the results of ibogaine. Our psychotherapist utilizes Francine Shapiro’s EMDR construct to identify one’s core root issues, associated emotions and somatic locations in body.

While ibogaine is being administered, specifically chosen chakra healing bowl music is played. Each chakra is it supposed to vibrate at a certain hertz frequency range. If an individual has a cognitive and emotional upset, it manifest in body and the Hertz range becomes unaligned.

Therefore while ibogaine resets the receptor sites of cells and rewires neurological routes, singing bowls reset the Hertz vibrations of body for ultimate healing and freedom.