Jasen: Iboga/Ibogaine in the Use of Addiction

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Speaker: Jasen

Saturday 4 December 2010
Entheogenesis Australis Conference
Melbourne, Australia

Synopsis: Tabernathe Iboga is a shrub grown primarily in West Africa in the Cameroon and Gabon. This plant has been used for many generations as a sacrament of transition, to initiate the young into adulthood. Iboga is an oneirogenic putting you into a waking dream state in most cases. In the 60’s a man by the name of Howard Lotsof accidently found that Ibogaine (one of the main alkaloids in Iboga) helped in alleviating withdrawal and cravings in drug addicts. I propose to talk on my personal experience with addiction and Iboga/Ibogaine also to talk on the experience of others that have been treated with Iboga in comparison to the more widely accepted treatment options.

Bio: We are helping people who have lost hope in their addiction to find it again with the help of a very powerful spiritual plant called Tabernathe Iboga that not only resets the opioid receptors to a pre addictive state but can also help someone understand the nature of their addiction.

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