The Action of Ibogaine

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Ibogaine is the progressive process to help detox from drugs and stay off. Here we discuss the basics behind ibogaine’s mechanism of action and how it effects the brain during opiate detox. It is important to note that while Ibogaine is known as a tried and true detox for opiate users, it is also very effective for most other substance dependencies, problematic behaviors, and thought patterns.

Ibogaine has a distinct character as a medicine. Its qualities are notoriously difficult to describe to people who have not tried it. But certain effects and ibogaine side effects are common to most ibogaine experiences. Ibogaine research continues, but scientific information about it is far less prevalent than anecdotal information, gleaned from tens of thousands of Western ibogaine treatments. We may not know what ibogaine is doing or what its exact mechanism of action is, but we can confidently relate what the ibogaine effects and normal ibogaine side effects are.
Ibogaine is safe with the proper preparation, medical prescreening and intention. In order for anyone to be accepted into our program, we require some medical tests to be emailed to us so that our certified MD, who is specialized in Ibogaine treatment, can review them and determine if you are a safe candidate for Ibogaine. The same doctor that reviews your tests will be the one present for your Ibogaine treatment ceremony.
So why is Ibogaine therapy not currently recognized or respected by more people as an effective method for detox? Some of the strikes against Ibogaine as a mainstream medicine are touched upon here.

This is part 2 of the ibogaine explainer series from Oka Center

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