Virtual Molecular Masterclass Explores Therapeutic Potential and Medicalization of Ibogaine

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(YourDigitalWall Editorial):- Toronto, Jan 13, 2021 ( – Microdose Psychedelic Insights, along with Universal Ibogaine, and The Conscious Fund, present The Ibogaine Conference: A Molecular Masterclass, a two-day virtual conference. The online conference will take place on 19th – 20th February 2021.  

The conference will bring together over 50 of the leading researchers in the therapeutic use of Ibogaine, a powerful psychedelic plant medicine showing immense potential in the treatment of addiction. The conference aims to raise awareness of the beneficial properties of this unique plant-derived medicine and its analogs, to stimulate further research interest, chart the pathway towards medicalization, support advocacy in different contexts as well as discuss the use of ibogaine as a therapy for addiction, neurodegenerative disorders, as well as a catalyst for spiritual development. 

CEO of Universal Ibogaine, Jeremy Weate, writes, “Plant-derived psychedelic medicines are urgently required to address a huge unmet need in mental health across the globe which is sadly being greatly exacerbated by Covid-19. While the focus has been on the classic psychedelics, it’s time to turn our attention to this unique multi-target molecule and work collectively to ensure it is widely available this decade as a key tool to combat addiction.  This conference promises to be a landmark event along the way.”

The organizers have invited a wide range of speakers and guests from a variety of backgrounds in order to stimulate a rich dialogue about ibogaine, develop ways of integrating it into our culture and explore how they can be incorporated into a medically approved context. If you would like to be a speaker, please click here to apply. Please note that the organizer will prioritize female and BIPOC speaker applications.  

From the state of scientific research to the evolving clinical landscape, this masterclass will explore the latest developments in the field of Ibogaine therapy. Here is a breakdown of this dynamic two-day event: 

Day 1:  Ibogaine science, policy-making & fundraising


  • Clinical research: latest findings from ongoing studies 
  • The path to medicalization in Canada and elsewhere 
  • Ibogaine and its analogues 
  • Ibogaine beyond addiction (neurodegenerative disorders) 
  • Ibogaine: a missing tool to combat the opioid crisis? 
  • Ibogaine medicalization: the role of capital markets 
  • Ibogaine in the Caribbean: the opportunity of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines


Day 2: Practitioner and client experience


  • Ibogaine therapy in an indigenous context: from the Bwiti experience to First Nations North America 
  • Remembering Howard Lotsof 
  • Ibogaine pre and aftercare: reframing the addiction recovery paradigm 
  • Lessons from the ibogaine community 
  • Changing the dose: Ibogaine in the era of fentanyl analogs 
  • Ibogaine in the world: provider experiences 


More information, and registration for the event as well as the conference sessions, can be found on the conference website:

If you are interested in learning about sponsorship opportunities for The Ibogaine Conference, please reach out to for details.  


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Universal Ibogaine is a Canadian company poised to address the opioid epidemic through proven plant medicine. We intend to operate and franchise clinics with a safe and effective, seven-day treatment using ibogaine to break the cycle of addiction.  Our Mission is a solution to the opioid crisis and changing attitudes towards vibrant new medical solutions.


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