Ibogaine University Reviews

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Provider States: “Ibogaine University Medical Center is known for it’s attention to patient medical care and continued support and education following treatment. We are only a 30 min drive from the San Diego airport where we do pickups. Ibogaine is rapidly becoming better known in addiction treatment and we have worked tirelessly to be at the forefront of this movement. Our center is a beachfront clinic located in a private and gated community, providing privacy and security for all our patients. The clinic has all necessary medical equipment, staff, and licenses to legally provide rehabilitation services and medical care while specializing in Ibogaine treatment. Owned and operated by Americans, we want your experience to be safe, comfortable, and effective. We employ an ER Doctor and a Doctor of Internal Medicine who both have extensive experience with Ibogaine treatment and conventional medical care. Our continuing care post treatment utilizes psychologists, counsellors, a non 12-step recovery program, and a multitude of activities. No passport needed!”